Phil Spencer Sets the Record Straight on Xbox Rumors: We Have No Plans to Stop Making Consoles


Xbox fans faced a rollercoaster week as rumors spread about major exclusives like Starfield coming to PlayStation.

But Phil Spencer attempted to ease worries, while facts remain murky.

Let’s break down what’s confirmed and fiction for the future of Xbox and its exclusives.

The Rumor Mill Churns

Early rumors suggested Xbox exclusives Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves may head to PlayStation.

But then reports claimed games like Starfield and the new Indiana Jones might leave Xbox as well.

The speculation threw Xbox’s future into question – were they going third-party like Sega?

Xbox head Phil Spencer stepped in to say Xbox is “listening” and will clarify at an upcoming business event.

Spencer Addresses Xbox Employees

According to journalist Shannon Liao, Spencer held an internal town hall meeting the day after his announcement to reassure Xbox employees.

He reiterated Xbox isn’t stopping console development and hardware is still key to their cross-platform strategy.

But specifics on exclusives heading to PlayStation weren’t provided.

Even Xbox developers remain in the dark about what Spencer will announce.

Timed Exclusivity a Sensible Compromise?

While wild theories spread of Xbox going third-party, timed exclusivity seems a more realistic middle ground.

Releasing games like Starfield on Xbox and PC first, then PlayStation later is a win-win.

Xbox gets the advantage of exclusivity while still reaching PlayStation’s wider audience.

PlayStation already brings exclusives to PC years after launching on consoles.

This compromise gives Xbox access to PlayStation’s market without fully abandoning their own players.

Xbox Identity Still Strong with Game Pass

Xbox consoles likely aren’t going anywhere either.

Game Pass remains a key advantage, letting Xbox players access exclusives Day One for free.

PlayStation can’t match that value, so Xbox loyalists have less motivation to swap than it may seem.

Hardware and exclusives are still central pillars of Xbox’s identity.

The Facts Remain Hazy

Rumor mills can overhype changes before companies reveal plans.

While unlikely Xbox ditches consoles entirely, nothing is confirmed yet.

Phil Spencer’s event next week should provide real clarity.

Until then, keep an open mind and take speculation with a grain of salt.

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