Is Microsoft Making a Portable Xbox Gaming Console? Exciting Rumors Explained


The console wars rage on between Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

But could Microsoft be looking to break into the portable gaming market?

Exciting new rumors suggest they are developing a portable, dockable, handheld Xbox console similar to Switch.

Let’s explore what this could mean for the future of Xbox gaming.

What Do We Know About the Portable Xbox?

Very little is confirmed, but rumors suggest Microsoft is prototyping a portable, dockable Xbox device alongside a new, more powerful stationary console (Series X).

This portable Xbox aims to compete with the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck by blending powerful console gaming with on-the-go portability.

The device would likely run a version of Xbox OS and play Xbox games natively.

If the rumors are true, we likely won’t see this portable Xbox for several more years.

Anything could change between now and its potential launch.

This comes in as some claim that the Xbox brand could be dying and not making money.

Of the big three gaming companies – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo – Microsoft is the only one without a portable gaming console.

Nintendo has the Game Boy, DS, and Switch, while Sony has the PSP and PS Vita (Vista 2 rumor).

How Will the Portable Xbox Compete?

The Switch dominates portable gaming, while Sony focuses on powerful home consoles.

Microsoft lags behind in both markets currently.

But a portable Xbox with strong specs and battery life could offer direct competition to Nintendo.

And expanding into portability finally gives Microsoft a response to the immense popularity of the Switch.

Of course, Nintendo won’t make it easy.

The rumored Switch 2 could raise the bar even higher by the time Xbox goes portable.

Microsoft will need to prove it can make Xbox gaming work smoothly in a compact form factor.

Even if the portable Xbox doesn’t outsell the Switch 2, it could still succeed by fostering a dedicated user base.

When Could We See This Portable Xbox?

Per the rumors, Microsoft may not launch these consoles until late 2026, so we have quite a wait ahead.

The gaming console market could look very different in just a couple years, so it’s anyone’s guess how a portable Xbox would fare down the road.

For now, we’ll have to wait patiently for more concrete details to emerge.

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