OTK Reveals Shark Tank-Style Show – Pixel Pitch – for Game Developers


One True King (OTK) made waves during their annual shareholders meeting, announcing an exciting slate of gaming content and expanded initiatives for 2024.

The media company, founded by prominent streamers like Asmongold and Emiru, revealed plans for a Shark Tank-style streaming show called “Pixel Pitch” that will give indie game developers a platform to showcase their projects.

Pitching Games to OTK Creators & Industry Insiders

Pixel Pitch will bring together OTK streamers and gaming industry experts to provide feedback and potentially fund worthy indie games.

Developers will pitch their concepts and early builds on the show, getting invaluable exposure and critique from influential names in gaming and streaming.

OTK’s gaming publisher Mad Mushroom, launched last year, will partner on Pixel Pitch.

This represents a huge opportunity for indie devs to secure funding and publishing support from the OTK-backed company.

More Chances for Indies at OTK Games Expo

In addition to Pixel Pitch, OTK announced the return of the OTK Games Expo in 2024.

This event gives indie developers more face time with creators and chances to get their games in front of the Expo’s massive live and streaming audience.

After the success of their inaugural gaming tournament last year, OTK is also expanding their events in World of Warcraft with two new 2024 tournaments planned for March and July.

New OTK Creator and Slate of Shows

The shareholders meeting also brought news of Will Neff joining OTK’s talent lineup.

And a variety of new and returning OTK shows will hit screens throughout 2024, like

  • Always On with Emiru
  • Extra Emily
  • Steak and Eggs with Asmongold, Emiru, and Tectone
  • TK Film Festival.

Full details on Pixel Pitch, including the judging panel and participating developers, are still to come.

But the show represents an exciting opportunity for indie games and amplified commitment from OTK to spotlight fresh gaming talent.

Their expanded events and content slate for 2024 aim to further cement OTK as a nexus between streaming talent, the games industry, and passionate gaming communities.

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