New Dota 2 League Emerge in the Middle East: ESB and Qatar Launch New $2.6 Million League


The esports industry continues to see massive growth globally, with companies and organizations establishing partnerships to tap into new markets.

One such alliance that could shake up the Dota 2 scene is between production company ESB and the Qatar Esports Federation.

What Is This New Dota 2 League?

Starting in 2024, ESB and the Qatari governing body plan to launch a Dota 2 circuit comprising three international events with a total prize pool of $2.6 million.

The first tournament is scheduled for 3rd April in Doha, with 10 teams competing.

Further editions will occur in July (Lima, Peru) and November (Doha).

Alongside the competitions, the partners intend to create open tournaments for amateur players.

Why Qatar for Esports Expansion?

Qatar has extensive experience hosting major traditional sporting events, including the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Its infrastructure and strategic geographic location make it an appealing hub for ESB’s global operations.

ESB will establish new premises in Doha and aims to branch into further esports titles over the next few years.

However, no details about potential new games have been revealed yet.

Filling the Void Left by the Dota Pro Circuit

This league emerged after Valve discontinued its Dota Pro Circuit in 2023.

The developer felt this system negatively affected the scene’s health.

As a result, ESB and Qatar Esports Federation are among several entities looking to operate their own circuits.

This includes ESL’s recently announced Dota 2 ESL Pro Tour.

Another Middle-East Country come forward to support Esports

Besides Qatar, Saudi Arabia is set to host the world’s grand Esports World Cup in 2024.

The event is already slated to feature popular games like StarCraft II and Counter-Strike 2, with the possibility of more titles being added to the roster.

Additionally, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced the launch of the Esports Olympics in 2025, indicating a significant increase in the number of Esports fans around the world.

In summary, this ambitious Dota 2 league could indicate a shift in power to new regions.

Its success will depend on providing a competitive and enjoyable experience for players and fans alike.

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