Nintendo Switch Becomes Japan’s Best-Selling Console, Surpass 33M Units Sold


The Nintendo Switch continues its reign in Japan by reaching an unbelievable milestone.

According to Nintendo’s latest fiscal report, the Switch has sold an astounding 33.34 million units in Japan alone.

This surpasses previous record holders like the Nintendo DS, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color.

After over half a decade, the Switch’s popularity shows no signs of waning.

So how did Nintendo’s hybrid console captivate Japanese gamers?

Just How High Can It Climb?

The Switch has steadily built up momentum in Japan ever since its launch in 2017.

It overtook Nintendo’s previous systems like the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Color over the years.

Now at over 33 million Japanese sales, the Switch has cemented its status as a historic juggernaut.

Some analysts predict the Switch could eventually reach 40 to 50 million lifetime sales in Japan if its popularity holds.

With hits like Splatoon 3 and The Legend of Zelda still driving hardware sales and the promise of major titles like Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, Hollow Knight: Silksong, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ahead, the console remains a must-have for Japanese gamers.

Keys to the Switch’s Historic Success in Japan

The Switch’s popularity in Japan boils down to these factors:

  • Hybrid Portability – The ability to play as a handheld or docked console resonated with Japanese gamers who often play on-the-go.
  • First-Party Franchises – Nintendo’s stalwart series like Zelda, Mario, and Splatoon are highly popular in Japan.
  • Third-Party Support – More third-party Japanese developers are supporting the platform, bringing hits like Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Constant Innovation – Nintendo keeps iterating with new models like the OLED and Switch Lite to maintain buzz (Even Switch 2 from nowhere).

What’s Next for the Switch in Japan and Worldwide?

On a global scale, the Switch sits at 139 million units sold.

It could potentially catch the Nintendo DS’s lifetime worldwide sales record of 154 million units if the momentum continues.

For a system in its 6th year to be on pace to become the 2nd best-selling console is an astonishing achievement.

  • Nintendo DS – 154.02
  • Nintendo Switch – 139.36
  • Game Boy – 118.69
  • Wii – 101.63
  • Game Boy Advance – 81.51
  • Nintendo 3DS – 75.94

Price drops for current models will help drive more adopters.

And a rumored “Switch 2” with 4K graphics could attract upgraded hardware enthusiasts.

The Switch’s historic success proves Nintendo’s winning formula this generation.

By blending portable and traditional gaming, and backing it with beloved exclusives, the Switch carved out a successful niche.

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