Xbox Leaker Timdog Stirs Controversy with Bold Claims About Call of Duty and Game Pass

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The gaming community was recently rocked by leaked inside information from well-known Xbox leaker Timdog, who dished some startling details on Microsoft’s shifting Xbox plans and the future of the Call of Duty franchise.

Buckle up, because if these juicy rumors are true, Xbox’s strategy going forward could upset some loyal fans.

During an episode of the Gamers Council podcast, Timdog claimed Xbox console sales have declined more than expected, spooking execs and prompting major changes.

Microsoft is now apparently embracing multi-platform releases for Xbox exclusives like Starfield, and even considering skipping Xbox Game Pass for future Call of Duty games.

Let’s break down these spicy leaks and what they could mean.

Call of Duty Not Coming to Xbox Game Pass

First up – Timdog asserts Activision Blizzard’s cash cow Call of Duty may not launch day one on Xbox Game Pass anymore, despite Microsoft dropping nearly $69 billion to acquire the publisher.

This would be a big blow to Xbox fans who expected CoD access on their subscriptions.

Instead, Microsoft could maximize Call of Duty profits by keeping new titles off Game Pass, while still adding older entries to the library.

A smart compromise, but probably not what Xbox diehards want to hear.

Xbox Hardware Sale Decline

Behind this pivot are Xbox’s struggling console sales, according to the leaks.

Despite holiday deals bundling Xbox Series X/S for as low as $350 in 2023’s final quarter, uptake was apparently way below projections.

Timdog even claims the ancient Xbox One outsold the latest generation!

Exclusive titles Going Multiplatform

With Xbox firmly in third place behind PlayStation and Nintendo, Microsoft is desperate to boost profits.

Hence the drive towards releasing more Xbox exclusives like Starfield on rival platforms.

If Xbox games launch everywhere, they will get maximum exposure and Microsoft will earn a lot of money.

Also, Microsoft can then easily acquire more publishers without anti-trust issues.

Profitability over Loyalty

Timdog warns Xbox fans may not like the brand’s direction post-Activision.

Microsoft wants a return on investment, leading to unpopular choices like a possible Game Pass ad model with pre-roll commercials. Yikes!

While hardware isn’t getting axed yet, Microsoft seems ready to go all-in on digital and subscriptions to turn Xbox around.

But will abandoning exclusivity backfire? Timdog himself has concerns.

The insider says these leaks came directly from a Microsoft employee upset over the changes.

They wanted public backlash to potentially influence Xbox’s leadership.

Final Thought

Timdog has been accurate before, but his provocative Xbox claims contradict Microsoft’s presumed strategy.

The company is still investing heavily in content for Game Pass and cloud gaming.

However, Xbox has been full of surprises lately.

Phil Spencer preaches accessibility while borrowing from Sony’s playbook with mega-acquisitions.

Anything is possible, but Timdog’s rumors should be taken with skepticism.

These bombshell leaks paint an uneasy picture for Xbox’s future.

While plans aren’t set in stone, Microsoft’s response to weak console sales could disappoint loyal fans.

But potentially necessary evils like multi-platform releases might enable Xbox to compete again.

Love it or hate it, massive changes seem to be brewing for Xbox if Timdog’s intel proves accurate.

What happens next remains unclear.

But one thing’s for sure – the gaming community will be watching Xbox’s moves closely in 2024 and beyond.

Stay tuned, because more surprises surely await!

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