Minecraft Achieved Monumental Milestone: Sale of 300 Million Copies Worldwide, Minecraft Live Event, Mob Winner and More


Minecraft, the wildly popular game owned by Microsoft, has reached a monumental landmark, as it sale of over 300 million copies worldwide.

As the game approaches its 15th anniversary next year, it continues to captivate players with its blocky biomes and endless possibilities for creativity and adventure.

The Latest from ‘Minecraft Live 2023’

“Minecraft Live” is an annual event waited by its hardcore fans.

During the ‘Minecraft Live 2023 event, game director Agnes Larsson and the team of developers revealed an exciting display of upcoming features and updates – Minecraft 1.21, creating anticipation among the dedicated Minecraft community.

In a recent celebration of this accomplishment, the company revealed fascinating statistics, such as the 400,000 Dogs are tamed, the crafting of 15 million pickaxes, the discovery of 6.7 million diamonds, and the defeat of 15 million skeletons, demonstrating the vast scale of engagement within its immersive virtual world.

Riding into New Adventures

One of the most awaited updates is centered around the highly acclaimed Minecraft Legends, which recently received substantial boosts in August.

The upcoming significant update promises a thrilling addition – the ability for players to engage in thrilling battles while mounted on a courageous frog.

This amphibious mount offers faster swimming capabilities and the agility to jump higher than any other companion, trial chambers have replay ability, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay experience.

The Return of ‘Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC’

Marking an important date in the calendar for enthusiasts of both Minecraft and the Star Wars franchise, the ‘Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC’ is slated to reappear in the Minecraft universe on November 7.

This revival of the iconic collaboration is set to offer players an opportunity to immerse themselves in a new series of adventures, bridging the gap between two beloved fictional universes.

Minecraft’s Collaboration with BBC Studios and Minecraft Education

An exciting collaboration was announced between BBC Studios and Minecraft Education during the ‘Minecraft Live’ event. This collaboration aims to transform some of the most captivating landscapes and creatures of the Earth into an explorable, blocky format within the Minecraft universe.

The introduction of ‘Planet Earth III’ by BBC Earth, scheduled to premiere on screens in the coming year, will be complemented by the release of corresponding DLC for Minecraft Education and Minecraft Marketplace, offering educational experiences that intertwine with the game’s dynamic environment.

Mob Vote Winner and Controversy

Every year Minecraft lets the audience pick their favorite miner in the game. This year voting begins on October 13 and ends on October 15.

Within this three-day window, over 15 million votes were cast and The Armadillo has come out as the Winner of the Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote

The armadillo received over 40% of the over 5 million votes!

Mob Vote 2023 results:

  • Armadillo – 42.3% 
  • Crab – 32.5%
  • Penguin – 25.2%

After the result some fans celebrated and some were disappointed as Crab and Penguin lost to Armadillo.

Some say it was a conspiracy created by Minecraft as they shut down voting six hours before the closing.

Surrounded by controversy, Minecraft came out as an explanation and posted the last three years’ results, explaining that the same voting lines closed six hours before just like this time

The Enduring Legacy of Minecraft’s Success

Minecraft’s unparalleled achievement in surpassing the 300 million copies sold milestone solidifies its position as an iconic cornerstone in the world of gaming.

This significant feat places Minecraft in the league of legendary cultural touchstones, surpassing the sales figures of even iconic albums like Michial Jacksons’ “Thriller” and groundbreaking gaming consoles such as the PS2.

As the game continuously evolves and expands, it continues to enthrall and inspire a global community of dedicated players, ensuring its place as a timeless legend within the ever-evolving landscape of modern gaming.

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