The Rise of Esports: Possibility of Becoming Olympic Games, A Big Statement by Olympics President


Esports, the competitive world of video gaming, has surged into the forefront of global entertainment, captivating the hearts and minds of millions worldwide.

Recently, the Asian Games 2022 concluded with esports as a major sports event, creating a lot of buzz.

In a statement at the 141st IOC Session in Mumbai,  President Thomas Bach expressed the International Olympic Committee’s intention to include Esports, as an Olympic Games in the near future.

Recognizing the Global Craze

With an estimated 3 billion players globally, Esports has solidified its position as a cultural phenomenon, drawing a significant portion of its audience from the younger generation, with a majority under the age of 34.

This undeniable statistic underlines the irresistible charm and potential of this sunrise industry, one that surpasses geographical and cultural boundaries.

Sunrise Industry – The industry that has big future potential and growth.

All begin with Esports Week In Singapore

The IOC first started thinking about the possibility of the inclusion of Esports in the Olympic games five years ago with the 2018 Esports Forum, the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore.

In this forum, over 130 candidates across diverse gaming categories participated.

Esports Week marked a successful fusion of the Olympic tradition with the dynamic energy of the Esports community.

Toward a Unified Future

President Bach claims that the IOC’s holistic strategy is showing positive outcomes as the bridge being built between the Olympics and Esports.

Undoubtedly, this marks just the initial steps of a larger journey, akin to the early stages of any sporting event, where the true test of endurance and fortitude lies ahead.

We might soon witness the union of traditional sports and digital gaming, not merely a passing trend but a powerful fusion of athleticism, strategy, and technological innovation.

The Road Ahead

In conclusion, the announcement of the IOC’s pursuit of an Olympic Esports Games marks a major moment in the convergence of traditional sports and the universe of Esports.

With the stage set for a paradigm shift in the narrative of global athleticism, the journey ahead promises to be a thrilling exploration of innovation, unity, and the enduring spirit of human accomplishment.

So guys get ready to support to favorite esports athletes as they going to represent your country on the grandest stage of sports, the Olympics.

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