Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Gaming: Difference in Preferences Between Generations From Old to New Gamers: Report by Tinuiti


The landscape of gaming has evolved significantly over the years, with the recent report released by Tinuiti shedding light on the stark differences in the motivations and preferences of gamers across various generations.

The report’s findings are quite insightful, showcasing a stark contrast between Gen Z and baby boomers in their approach to gaming.

  • Baby Boomer: a person born between 1946 and 1964.
  • Generation X: a person Born between 1965-1980
  • Millennial: generation born from 1981 to 1996.
  • Gen Z: a person born between 1996 and 2010.

Varied Motivations: Relaxation, Entertainment, and Competition

According to the report, relaxation and unwinding emerged as the primary motivation for a significant 42% of gamers overall.

Interestingly, a higher percentage of baby boomers, accounting for 51%, consider this as their main driving force in gaming, in contrast to only 31% of Gen Z gamers.

Conversely, 34% of gamers prioritize gaming for entertainment purposes, with a notable gap between Gen Z and baby boomers at 35% and 32%, respectively.

This indicates that Gen Z gamers lean towards engaging in competitive gaming experiences that are less geared towards relaxation.

Moreover, while a minor percentage of both Gen Z and baby boomers are primarily motivated by the desire to win, Gen Z gamers appear more inclined towards gaming as a means of connecting with friends or expanding their social circles.

They gave a higher preference for gaming as a way to keep up with friends (12% vs. 3% for baby boomers) and to meet new people (8% vs. 3% for baby boomers).

Dominance of Mobile Gaming and Emerging Trends

Tinuiti’s report brings to the forefront the increasing dominance of mobile gaming as the most popular gaming platform, with a staggering 78% of gamers admitting to engaging in mobile gaming.

This trend is notably prominent among Gen Z and Gen X, with 80% of both categories favoring mobile gaming, closely followed by millennials (78%) and baby boomers (75%).

However, intriguingly, younger generations are less likely to designate mobile as their primary gaming platform, with a visible decline in preference.

In contrast, PC gaming has emerged as the preferred platform for 21% of gamers, predominantly among baby boomers (31%) and Gen Z (29%).

The Significance of Effective Marketing in Gaming

The report emphasizes the diverse opportunities for monetization within the gaming industry, highlighting the impact of in-game purchases and marketing strategies on consumer behavior.

Remarkably, 69% of gamers have made in-game purchases, with a significant share primarily coming from console players, particularly those using the Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, the data underscores the preference for brand-sponsored add-ons and gaming content over intrusive in-game advertisements.

Notably, 39% of respondents admitted to making a purchase based on products discovered through in-game marketing in the last year, emphasizing the effectiveness of well-integrated marketing initiatives.

Tinuiti underscores the potential of rewarded video ads as a valuable marketing tool that strikes a balance between player engagement and brand promotion.


The gaming landscape is continually evolving, with the preferences and behaviors of gamers showcasing a significant shift, particularly between generations.

With relaxation, entertainment, and social connectivity emerging as key motivations, alongside the dominance of mobile gaming and the crucial role of effective marketing strategies, it is evident that the gaming industry holds vast potential for brands to engage with and influence a diverse and dynamic audience.

As the industry continues to expand, understanding these shifting dynamics is vital for businesses aiming to establish a meaningful presence in the gaming market.

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Reference – Tinuiti Reports

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