Microsoft Unveils New Xbox Cloud Gaming Interface with Social Features


Microsoft is previewing an updated Xbox Cloud Gaming interface that brings the familiar Xbox dashboard experience to the web.

This new interface aims to enhance the social and interactive aspects of cloud gaming, making it more seamless and engaging for users.

What are the key features of the new interface?

The new Xbox Cloud Gaming interface includes several exciting features that were previously exclusive to the Xbox console:

  • Web-based Xbox Party Chat: Players can now join voice calls with friends directly through a web browser, without the need to rely on dedicated desktop or mobile apps.
  • Friends Management: The interface allows users to find, manage, and interact with their Xbox friends, including sending messages, viewing profiles, and checking achievements.
  • Notifications and Messaging: Users can access and respond to notifications, as well as send and receive messages from within the web interface.

Additionally, since Xbox Cloud Gaming is accessible on various platforms, most of the new interface’s features will be available on smart TVs and Meta’s Quest VR headsets, further expanding the cloud gaming experience.

What other updates are coming to the Xbox ecosystem?

Alongside the new Xbox Cloud Gaming interface, Microsoft is introducing several other enhancements to the Xbox ecosystem:

  • Game Hubs in the Xbox App for Windows: PC players will have access to dedicated game hubs within the Xbox app, allowing them to track progress, access add-ons, and receive news from developers.
  • Xbox Console Update: The April console update for Xbox is rolling out, bringing features like the ability to mute the Discord soundboard, notifications for OneDrive game capture storage space, and options to restrict game or app installation on an Xbox console.

When will the new features be available to all users?

It’s important to note that this new interface is currently in the preview stage, meaning that Microsoft is actively gathering feedback and refining the experience before rolling it out to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users.

While the timeline for the full release is still uncertain, it may take several months before all Xbox Cloud Gaming users can access these new features.

Microsoft typically goes through extensive testing and refinement phases before releasing major updates to the wider user base.

Source: Xbox Wire Blog

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