Gonna Need Milk Announces Brand New $250K Fortnite Tournament ‘The Milk Cup’ for Women Esports Players


In a major move for women’s esports, the gaming organization Gonna Need Milk has announced a new Fortnite tournament exclusively for female players.

The Milk Cup, as it’s being called, will feature a massive $250,000 prize pool, making it one of the largest all-women’s esports events in North America.

What is The Milk Cup?

The Milk Cup is a new Fortnite tournament open to over 400 women gamers who are US residents and at least 13 years old.

Players will compete in trios, with six games of Battle Royale (builds) determining placements and overall winners in each round.

The expanded tournament will feature three major qualifying events from May through July, with the grand finals LAN event taking place this Fall.



Who is Organizing The Milk Cup?

The Milk Cup is being organized by Gonna Need Milk, a popular gaming community, with assistance from esports personality ThePeachCobbler, Broadcast & Content Producer Radiant, and the long-running Women of the eRena (WOTE) women’s tournament series.

According to the organizers, the event was “specifically designed with the gaming community to address their needs and is helping to level the playing field in professional gaming while celebrating and empowering women gamers.”

How to Sign Up for The Milk Cup

Players can sign up for The Milk Cup on the official Gonna Need Milk website.

Registration has already started and will be open for the next several weeks leading up to the event.

With the first qualifying events slated for May 16, we expect more details on the tournament schedule, broadcast plans, and other logistics to be announced in the coming weeks.

Fans will likely be able to catch the action live on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.


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