Microsoft Unveils New Digital Xbox Consoles at Xbox Games Showcase

xbox new digital only console

In the past few months, we’ve heard various rumors circulating about the Xbox console, including:

  1. Starting with the weirdest one – Xbox is abandoning its console and going on with its multiplatform strategy
  2. Confirmation of a next-generation Xbox console, which promises to be the “largest technical leap” in hardware generation.
  3. The mid-generation refresh of the Xbox Series X, codenamed “Brooklin,” which is expected to be more compact and disc-free with 2TB of internal storage and 16GB of RAM.
  4. Speculation about a new Xbox handheld console that may allow offline gameplay, similar to traditional Xbox consoles.

However, on Sunday at the Xbox Games Showcase eventMicrosoft put many of these rumors to rest and assured fans that they are not abandoning the hardware.

The tech giant has unveiled a revamped lineup of Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, catering to the evolving needs of gamers and the industry’s shift towards digital distribution.

What Are New in These Xbox Lineups?

Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White

When launched the Xbox Series S came with 512GB of storage in Robot White.

Last year, Microsoft launched a 1TB storage option in Carbon Black.

This year, they have simply updated the color scheme to Robot White.

It will retail in select markets at $349.99/EUR 349.99 ERP.

Xbox Series s – 1TB in Robot White

Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital Edition in Robot White

Leaked court documents from last year’s Microsoft vs. US FTC trial suggested that the company was preparing a digital version of the Xbox Series X codenamed “Brooklin“.

Microsoft has now confirmed that an all-digital Xbox Series X will be released this year.

However, the new console comes with a box-shaped design as opposed to a leaked cylindrical shape.

This digital version will feature 1TB SSD storage and will be offered in Robot White, a departure from the existing Series X models, which are only available in Carbon Black.

The new model will have a suggested retail price of $449.99/EUR 499.99, making it more affordable than the disc-enabled Series X, priced at $499.99.

Xbox Series X – 1TB in Robot White

Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition

Microsoft is also launching a special edition of the Xbox Series X, featuring a new Galaxy Black colorway and an expanded 2TB storage capacity.

The console’s design showcases a celestial effect in silver, grey, and green hues, set against a black base and complemented by a green stand.

Unlike the first two unveils, this Xbox Series X console will have a disc drive.

According to Xbox hardware chief Roanne Sones, this console will have the same speed, performance, and features as the original Xbox Series X, but with double the storage capacity and a unique design.

This special edition console also includes a matching Xbox wireless controller.

The Galaxy Black Special Edition Xbox Series X will be available in select markets in limited quantities, priced at $599.99/EUR 649.99 ERP.

Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition

All three gaming consoles are expected to be available by the year’s end, coinciding with the holiday season.

Information regarding pre-orders and regional pricing will be announced subsequently.

Where Is Sarah Bond’s “Largest Technical Leap Ever” Console

During the February Xbox business update podcast, amidst rumors of multiplatform and console going third-party, Phil Spencer (CEO of Microsoft Gaming), Sarah Bond (President of Xbox), and Matt Booty (President of Gaming Content & Studios) came together to address the concerns of fans.

In the podcast, Sarah Bond teased “exciting” new hardware and investment in what is lauded as the “largest technical leap” for the upcoming console generation.

Many have speculated that the announcements coming to the Xbox Games Showcase, one of the biggest events of the summer for Xbox.

However, based on this showcase, it’s possible that the “exciting” new hardware she teased refers to the all-digital console, but it’s definitely not the “largest technical leap ever.”

Many have speculated that they will see a mid-gen console refresh as the PlayStation is already (as not officially confirmed) working on PS5 Pro or a totally new Next Gen series.

However, Microsoft showcased more than just a storage increase and a color change.

With Xbox experiencing a significant dip in console sales, the new series could potentially boost their market performance.

However, those anticipating a major announcement regarding Xbox hardware may have to wait a bit longer.

Hopefully, we get to know what Sarah means by that at the end of this year.

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