Xbox Business Update Breakdown: All Important Announcement – Multiplatform Games, Game Pass, Consoles and 2024 Plans

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Microsoft finally confirmed plans to bring selected Xbox-exclusive games to PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

In Microsoft’s official Xbox podcast, Phil Spenser (CEO of Microsoft Gaming), Sarah Bond (President of Xbox), and Matt Booty (Gaming Content &Studios President) talked about the future plans for Xbox gaming.

They confirmed the week-long rumor about Xbox exclusives going multiplatform but also assured fans that it would be the small numbers.

This major strategic shift has big importance for Xbox’s future and the gaming industry at large.


  • 4 unnamed Xbox exclusives coming to PS5 and Switch
  • Part of Xbox’s vision to reach more gamers
  • Console not going anywhere but growing stronger
  • Game Pass started adding the Activision Blizzard Games
  • Aims to grow Xbox content and spur more investment

Xbox Games Going Multiplatform

According to Xbox Gaming chief Phil Spencer, 4 Xbox exclusives are going multiplatform(to PlayStation and Switch).

He doesn’t give the name but confirms that they are not Starfirld or Indiana Jones.

He outlined some criteria for selecting those 4 mystery games:

  • Over 1 year old
  • 2 Community-driven games
  • Franchises with growth potential
  • Titles need more investment so that they can go for iterations or update
  • 2 Smaller games are not meant to be exclusives in the first place

These four titles are confirmed:

  • Hi-Fi Rush
  • Pentiment
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Grounded

xbox games

He also reaffirmed to the fans that not all games going multiplatform and neither are Game Pass.

It will be those games that needed multiplatform or not made in for exclusivity in the first place.

Those games can thrive on other platforms, which will bring them more users and investment.

“When you find a successful game that’s working, that’s finding great customers on our Xbox console, on PC, you think about how do I make sure those game franchises continue to grow? We can invest in them, they can continue to thrive and find new customers.”

The moves align with Microsoft’s vision for Xbox as a cross-platform gaming brand rather than a singular console.

Xbox Remains Committed to Hardware

When it comes to Xbox console X/S, Spencer confirmed that Xbox’s core focus is still their console gaming.

After a rumor of the Xbox console going third-party, Spenser said that they have no plan for it.

The rumor comes after the recent sales number that shows a drastic difference between PS5 and Xbox X/S sales nearly 1:2.

Spencer affirmed Xbox isn’t abandoning consoles despite multiplatform shifts.

He wants to ensure Xbox thrives for the next 20 years.

“Many people know I’ve been on Xbox for over 20 years, and I want to make sure Xbox is in the best position for the next 20 years. Our hardware is a critical component of that.”

Xbox President Sarah Bond also teased “exciting” new hardware and investing in the next console generation’s “largest technical leap.

Long-term compatibility for backward-compatible libraries is also a priority in future hardware planning.

Activision-Blizzard Games Coming to Game Pass

After a big acquisition of Activision-Blizzard last year, questions remain as to when its library is going to enter in Xbox Game Pass.

Well, According to Sarah Bond Activision games will slowly making their way into Game Pass starting with Diablo IV arriving on March 28th.


Per Xbox boss Sarah Bond:

“It’s all part of our commitment to make Xbox, the Xbox experience, and the games that we build as widely available as possible.”

She also confirmed that Game Pass itself won’t expand to other consoles.

Microsoft wants to maintain the subscription service as an Xbox differentiator.

10+ Xbox First Party Games Coming in 2024

While recently Sony confirmed not releasing any major exclusive this year, Xbox Game Studios President Matt Booty hyped a stacked 2024 first-party lineup.

He teases over 10 major releases across Xbox, PC, and cloud.

Some of these titles include Hellblade II, Avowed, and more which are already showcased in Developer Direct.

The remaining 5+ mystery titles will be announced soon.

Thoughts on Gaming Business

The multiplatform strategy aligns with Microsoft’s view that gaming industry growth has slowed and needs a push.

Opening Xbox exclusives to more platforms is one solution.

It will provide revenue opportunities that can motivate developers to increase investments in content and innovation.

Spencer suggested going multiplatform could offset industry declines and job losses.

Major Xbox Showcase Coming in June

Finally, Booty confirmed another major Xbox showcase event is happening this June.

Expect more game reveals and details then.

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