Is Epic Games the Latest Gaming Company to Suffer a Major Hack?

Hacker Epic Gmaes

Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, is investigating a possible cyberattack.

According to reports, a Russian ransomware gang known as Mogilevich claims to have hacked Epic Games and stolen a huge trove of data totaling 200GB.

This allegedly includes source code, personal data, and many other data.

The hackers say they will sell the stolen data back to Epic Games or to any other buyer by March 4th if their demands are not met.

However, they have so far not provided any proof that the hack actually took place.

What Do We Know So Far?

The reports of the Epic Games hack originally came from the cybersecurity news website Cyber Daily.

They stated that the Mogilevich group contacted them claiming responsibility for the attack.

However, Epic Games has not officially confirmed the hack and asked them for proof of the hack.

Mogilevich has apparently not responded to requests from Epic Games.

Their only public response has been a tweet asking for $15,000 in exchange for the purported stolen data.

Would This Rival Recent Major Gaming Leaks?

If confirmed, the Epic Games hack could be on the same scale as other recent major leaks in the gaming industry.

In December 2023, developer Insomniac Games was hacked by the ransomware group Rhysida.

They proceeded to leak over 1 million files and 1TB of data containing info on upcoming titles like Marvel’s Wolverine.

The sheer volume of data allegedly stolen from Epic Games would make this a comparable breach.

It could also be worse since source code and personal data may have been compromised.

What Games and Data Could Be Impacted?

As the makers of Fortnite, one of the world’s most popular games, Epic Games stores a huge amount of sensitive data.

Potentially compromised data includes:

  • Source code for Fortnite, the Unreal Engine, and other Epic titles
  • Player data like emails, passwords, addresses
  • Financial information
  • Company secrets and plans for future games

The leak of Fortnite source code could allow cheat makers to find new exploits. Compromised player data also raises security concerns.

The Bottom Line

Epic Games is continuing to investigate the veracity of the hackers’ claims.

They will likely take measures to shore up security and protect customers if a breach does occur.

This potential hack comes at a turbulent time for the company.

Epic is embroiled in lawsuits against Apple and just received a major investment from Disney.

While not confirmed, a hack of this nature could damage Epic Games’ reputation.

Players will watch closely to see how the company handles the situation if the breach is proven real.

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