Will Rockstar’s Return-to-Office Plan Stop the GTA VI Leaks?

GTA 6 employees

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Rockstar is requiring all employees to return to working in the office five days a week starting in April.

The reason? Rockstar wants to accelerate development and increase security as GTA VI enters the final stages of development.

This return-to-office mandate comes on the heels of several high-profile leaks in 2022 and 2023 that revealed early gameplay footage and details about GTA VI.

A History of GTA VI Leaks

In September 2022, massive GTA VI leaks surfaced, revealing early test gameplay footage, images, and details about the game’s setting and characters.

This led to the 18-year-old leaker Arion Kurtaj receiving an indefinite confinement.

Additional leaks emerged in December last year, with a trailer leaking a day early.

These leaks have clearly disrupted Rockstar’s plans for structured PR rollouts and building hype.

Understandably, they want to avoid future leaks and potential spoilers leaking out prematurely.

Rockstar’s Solution: Return to The Office

In an email to staff, Rockstar head of publishing Jenn Kolbe announced all employees are required back in the office five days a week starting in April.

Kolbe cited two key reasons for this decision:

  • Improving productivity and creativity through in-person collaboration
  • Ramping up security to prevent additional leaks

By having staff on-site, Rockstar aims to accelerate GTA VI’s development while also exerting greater control over sensitive information.

But Will This Be Enough?

Critics argue mandating in-office work may provide only marginal security improvements while hampering productivity and flexibility.

Plus, determined leakers can still find ways around security despite office policies. After all, the last massive GTA VI leaks originated from outside Rockstar’s walls, not internally.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Rockstar’s crackdown curtails leaks.

For gamers eagerly awaiting GTA VI, Rockstar’s return-to-office order signals that the finish line is in sight.

The game appears to be in the late stages of development and will launch in early 2025.

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