Elon Musk Wants Twitch and Kick Out – Can Twitter X Disrupt Game Streaming?


Live game streaming is blowing up, with sites like Twitch and Kick Gaming dominating the space.

But Elon Musk has big plans to disrupt this market with Twitter’s new live-streaming feature Twitter X.

Will it be enough to compete with these gaming giants? Let’s break it down.

Can Twitter X Rival Established Players Like Twitch?

During a recent Diablo 4 broadcast (as we know he is a huge Diablo fan), Elon Musk outlined how Twitter X aims to incentivize creators and compete with streamers.

The key incentive is letting creators keep 100% of ad revenue from their streams.

As Musk explained,

“Any advertising that’s in your replies, so if you were to post a stream, any advertising that’s in the replies, you get all the previous… all the advertising revenue.”

This contrasts with Twitch’s 50/50 and Kick’s 95/5 revenue split and could be a big draw for top streamers with large existing audiences.

In addition to ads, Twitter X will offer tipping and paid subscription models to boost streamer revenue.

What Features Will Set Twitter X Apart?

In addition to the monetary incentives, Twitter X aims to differentiate through features like subscriber-only chat.

As Musk described,

“You can choose how much, but it’s like, I think one of the perks is like, you can even restrict the chat, or some of the chats, to be just subscribers.”

Curated subscriber chats could help creators build stronger communities and connections with their biggest supporters.

Twitter X may also leverage Twitter’s core features like global real-time conversations to make streams more engaging.

Can Elon Musk’s Involvement Boost Twitter X’s Appeal?

Elon Musk has been hands-on with promoting Twitter X, frequently broadcasting his own Diablo 4 sessions to demonstrate the platform first-hand.

His celebrity influence and avid gamer status could help attract buzz and major personalities to test out Twitter X streaming.

Seeing the Twitter owner himself embracing live gaming content sends a strong signal that Twitter is serious about competing in this market.

And Musk’s meteoric track record of disrupting established industries boosts optimism about what Twitter X can achieve in-game streaming.

But Significant Challenges Remain

However, it’s too early to call whether Twitter X can genuinely challenge Twitch and Kick Gaming’s dominance.

Twitter still needs to build out more streaming capabilities and tools optimized for gaming creators.

Network effects also favor the incumbents – both Twitch and Kick have massive built-in gaming audiences already deeply engaged on their platforms.

Twitter will also need to persuade both creators and fans to split their time across yet another streaming platform.

The Road Ahead

While the road won’t be easy, Elon Musk and Twitter are clearly gearing up to take on gaming’s live-streaming kingpins.

The full-revenue model and Musk’s maverick strategies could just shake up this entire sector for the benefit of creators and communities.

It will be exciting to watch how the streaming wars with Twitch and Kick play out as Twitter charges into the arena.

Game on!

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