Meta and Microsoft Team Up for a Limited Edition Xbox-Inspired VR Headset: What’s in Store?


Meta and Microsoft have teamed up again, this time to create a limited-edition Meta Quest virtual reality headset inspired by Xbox.

According to a blog post on Meta’s official website, the tech giants are “working together again to create a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox.”

The post provided a teaser image of a Meta Quest headset with green accents, though it cautioned this is “not an actual product render.”

Most recently, Xbox Cloud Gaming was brought to the Meta Quest platform, allowing users to play Xbox games streamed to a virtual screen.

This limited-edition headset is an extension of that cloud gaming integration.

Will It Support Native VR Gaming?

The blog post doesn’t specify if the Xbox-inspired Quest will support running Xbox games natively in VR beyond the existing cloud streaming option.

Many are speculating this is simply a rebranded Meta Quest marketed towards Xbox fans rather than enabling any new VR gaming functionality.

Will It Include the Game Pass?

Later in an Instagram post Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company is opening up the Quest operating system to third-party hardware makers including Xbox.

He says that the Xbox-inspired Meta Quest VR headset will come “out of the box with Xbox controllers and Game Pass.”

This suggests that users can play Xbox gaming right from the get-go, without the need for additional setup or configurations.

The inclusion of Game Pass could potentially open up a world of immersive VR gaming opportunities for Meta Quest’s owners.

Potential for Future Xbox VR Ambitions

While details are scant, the collaboration does raise the question of whether Microsoft has broader virtual reality ambitions for Xbox.

Sony has found success with PlayStation VR, so an Xbox VR system seems like a natural progression if the technology and consumer demand converge.

For now, this appears to be more of a novelty peripheral.

But it could potentially lay the groundwork for deeper Xbox VR integration down the road.

Microsoft has hedged its bets on mixed reality over the years, so an official Xbox VR headset can’t be completely ruled out.

Back in 2012, a leaked document detailing plans for the Xbox One revealed that Microsoft had considered developing AR “Kinect Glasses,” codenamed Project Fortaleza.

They also tried to bring VR headset support to the Xbox One X back in 2016, but both plans fell through and they shipped with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

This strategic partnership could help Microsoft avoid these pitfalls and potentially deliver a more seamless and compelling VR gaming experience to Xbox fans.

No release date or price is provided for the new VR Headset so stay tuned for further updates.

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