Xbox Let You Play Purchased and Game Pass Games on Boosteroid Cloud Gaming

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Boosteroid is a Ukrainian cloud gaming platform that allows gamers to stream high-quality PC games without the need for powerful hardware.

In March 2023, Microsoft announced a 10-year partnership with Boosteroid, aiming to bring Xbox PC games onto this platform.

In June 2023, the first batch of Xbox games (4) landed on the service. As of now in March 2024, acclaimed Xbox games are available for Boosteroid members to stream:

  1. Deathloop
  2. Dishonored
  3. Dishonored 2
  4. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
  5. Gears 5
  6. Gears Tactics
  7. Ghostwire: Tokyo
  8. Pentiment

Microsoft promises to continue expanding this catalog by adding more hit titles and fan favorites from their vast library of PC games to Boosteroid on a regular basis.

But There Is More in This Partnership

This groundbreaking partnership not only brings more high-quality titles to Boosteroid’s library but also introduces the ability to stream games purchased directly from the Microsoft Store or available through a Game Pass subscription.

This allows players to enjoy cross-play and cross-save features seamlessly across their Xbox consoles, PCs, and the cloud gaming service.

With cross-platform compatibility, gamers can pick up their adventures wherever they left off, blurring the lines between different gaming platforms and ushering in a new era of flexibility and convenience.

Those gamers who have:

  • An active Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscription OR
  • Purchased games at the Microsoft Store

Now stream games on Boosteroid. Just follow these quick steps:

  • Log into your Boosteroid account
  • Go to the “Library” and select “Xbox”
  • Browse and pick which supported Xbox game to play
  • Click “Play” to launch the game streaming
  • Sign into your Microsoft account with the game owned/subscribed
  • Confirm and start gaming!

This allows Xbox Game Pass members to stream games across this cloud service. Microsoft is dedicated to letting gamers choose how and where they play Xbox games.

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