Alan Wake 2 Sells 1.3 Million Copies – What’s Next for Remedy’s Horror Hit?


Alan Wake 2 was one of the most anticipated horror games of 2023.

Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games, it was released in October 2023 to critical acclaim (Metacritic score of 89).

Now, a few months post-launch, Remedy finally has unveiled its sales numbers and it’s impressive.

Alan Wake 2 has exceeded expectations and become Remedy Entertainment’s fastest-selling game to date.

Over 1 Million Units Sold in Just 2 Months

In an announcement on 16th February 2024, Remedy revealed that Alan Wake 2 has sold over 1.3 million units across all platforms.

This includes over 1 million sales within the first two months after launch in October and November 2023.

For context, this means that Alan Wake 2 has sold 50% more copies in its first two months than Remedy’s previous title Control did in its first four months after launch in 2019.

The sales figures are particularly impressive considering Alan Wake 2 is a single-player focused horror game without multiplayer elements.

Digital Sales Show the Power of Epic Games Store

Notably, Alan Wake 2 sold over 3 times as many digital copies as Control did early on.

This can largely be attributed to Alan Wake 2 releasing day one on the PS5, Xbox, and PC via Epic Games Store, allowing it to capitalize on Epic’s vast user base.

Epic’s lower 12% revenue share for developers compared to Steam’s 30% likely motivated Remedy to prioritize Epic’s storefront.

The strong digital sales figures validate this strategy.

Generating Significant Revenue Already

Based on the sales so far, Remedy reports that Alan Wake 2 has already recouped a substantial portion of its development and marketing costs.

While exact revenue figures haven’t been shared, Alan Wake 2 has presumably generated around $50 million in revenue considering Control brought in around $100 million with 4 million lifetime sales.

With strong early momentum, Alan Wake 2 seems on track to become Remedy’s most financially successful release yet.

DLCs Planned to Expand the Story

To keep sales going strong in 2024, Remedy is developing two paid DLC expansions for Alan Wake 2 that will continue the story.

Post-launch content support was a factor in Control’s long sales tail, and Remedy likely intends to replicate that success.

These DLCs, along with ongoing patches and community events, will help maintain player engagement and bring in recurrent revenue. Alan Wake 2’s journey is far from over.

How Does This Impact Other Remedy Projects?

Alan Wake 2’s successful launch has accelerated the development of other Remedy games.

Personnel freed up from Wake 2 have increased speed on upcoming projects like:

  • Condor
  • Control 2
  • Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake

Remedy expects these projects to be completed in the first half of 2024.

With two established franchises in Alan Wake and Control, Remedy is poised to expand its connected universe.

Sequels and spin-offs set in these worlds offer huge potential.

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