Will We See Any Familiar Faces from the Past in Grand Theft Auto 6?


Which of your favorite characters making a comeback in GTA 6? Examining the Possibility of Cameos in Rockstar’s Upcoming Blockbuster.

There is a lot of excitement among fans for the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar.

The game is set to take place in the iconic Vice City and the gameplay will revolve around two new protagonists named Julia and Jason.

While many fans are looking forward to playing as these new characters, there are also rumors that some familiar faces from past GTA games may also make cameo appearances.

Who might these classic characters be? Let’s discuss.

Tommy Vercetti

Of course, the first name that comes into my mind is the unforgettable protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy Vercetti.

Rose to power in the 1980s as a ruthless kingpin unafraid to get his hands dirty.

But as we know GTA6 is set in modern-day Miami, so a cameo from this fan-favorite chainsaw-wielding crime lord seems doubtful.

But some fans think that Tommy is in the game as an old f**king crime lord continues to rule the city he conquered decades ago.

Here is how fan theories suggest Tommy might appear in GTA 6:

  • Rather than a full-blown appearance, we may instead hear radio news on Vercetti, or see pictures of him across Leonida.
  • Tommy may come out as the main crime lord in Vice City at the end of the game.
  • Ray Liotta, the voice actor of Vercetti, passed away in 2022. Rockstar may pay a subtle tribute instead of featuring him more explicitly.


Ken Rosenberg

The neurotic and coke-addled lawyer Tommy partnered with in Vice City.

It would be hilarious to see Rosenberg still working in Vice City as an aging attorney, freaking out and worrying just as much as ever while somehow maintaining his law practice.

Or he goes further and becomes a judge of the city and Julia stands in front of him in a court trial.


Lance Vance

Tommy’s scheming right-hand man turned rival in Vice City’s drug trade. Betrayed Tommy in the end and got killed.

  • But in a GTA 6 trailer, people noticed a character who resembles Lance Vance from Vice City walking down the street.
  • He is seen in a white suit with a purple shirt, which is very similar to Lance’s iconic outfit.

This has divided the fans over whether it is a good thing to include characters who have died in the previous games in the upcoming title.

Fans think the cameo will reveal how Lance survived and came back for revenge against his old partner-turned-enemy.


Niko Bellic

The no-nonsense Serbian protagonist of GTA 4 arrived in Liberty City to search for the man who betrayed his old military unit.

Fans believe that Niko Bellic could appear in GTA6 to continue his criminal enterprises.

  • GTA 6 trailer featured various references to him, like Niko’s brown coat and photograph in Yellow Jack Inn bar.
  • Additionally, you could find two Albany Emperors with “NIKOB” and “ROMANB” license plates in one of the Downtown Cab Co. missions for Franklin Clinton.

Rockstar Games might consider adding these returning vehicles and some subtle references to Niko in its next title.


Franklin Clinton

A young hustler who worked his way up the ranks of the criminal underworld as one of the playable protagonists in GTA 5.

A cameo from Franklin expanding his lucrative enterprises to Vice City makes perfect sense.

Here are some references to his appearance:

  • Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor for his character in GTA5, posted an image on Instagram just before the GTA 6 trailer. The picture showed a hooded figure with a Miami cityscape in the background.
  • Fonteno was also seen in a YouTube video with Bryan Zampella, who is rumored to voice Jason in GTA 6.


Michael De Santa

Franklin’s mentor in GTA 5, Michael desperately wants to leave his criminal past behind and live a normal life.

A humorous cameo could see Michael reluctantly pulled back into the underworld during a family vacation to Vice City.


Trevor Philips

The eccentric, unhinged drug kingpin serves as the volatile third protagonist of GTA 5.

With his appetite for chaos and violence, Trevor would feel right at home stirring up mayhem in the seedy underbelly of Vice City.


Lazlow Jones

A radio personality featured across all previous GTA games, the oddball Lazlow is an obvious cameo choice to see him return as an eccentric and comically arrogant DJ in Vice City.

Unfortunately, Lazlow left Rockstar Games in 2020. So possibility of his return is low but GTA 6 would feel incomplete without his voice.



The street-smart protagonist of GTA: San Andreas could cameo with a reference to his criminal ventures out West in Los Santos, expanding his burgeoning underworld empire to Vice City.


The Right Dose Of Nostalgia

Ultimately, Rockstar seems unlikely to overindulge in cameos.

Their restraint with GTA 5 showed they understand how to provide little morsels of nostalgia without letting fan service override characters and events unique to each new entry.

Cameos can add flavor when done in moderation, but GTA 6 needs room to establish its own identity.

With a new setting inspired by modern-day Miami, the potential is there to take the series in exciting new directions.

Some nods to Vice City’s past will help GTA 6 keep one foot in the franchise’s storied history while keeping its eyes trained forward into new frontiers.

Fans eagerly await catching up with old favorites, but also look forward to what surprises Rockstar has in store for the future of Grand Theft Auto.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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