Will We See An Olympic Esports Event In 2025 Or 2026?


Gamers get ready because now you can win gold for your country in esports events as the IOC announced to host a standalone Esports Olympic soon.

The world of esports continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Major tournaments like The International and the League of Legends World Championship draw millions of viewers.

Now, esports may soon reach its biggest stage yet – the Olympics.

IOC President Speaks About Future Esports Event

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach recently revealed plans to potentially add an Olympic Esports event in 2025 or 2026.

This would give esports its own dedicated Olympic showcase, rather than being part of the Summer or Winter Games.

Speaking to Xinhua earlier this week, Bach stated,

“I guess we could count on the first edition, offer such an Olympic Esports Games for the year 2025, or the latest 2026.”

Rather than altering the existing Summer and Winter Olympics, an Olympic Esports Games would be a separate, standalone event.

This follows the model of the Youth Olympic Games, which debuted in 2010 as a standalone event.

Last year, the IOC hosted its inaugural Olympic Esports Week in Singapore from June 22-25.

This first esports event featured competitions in 9 different video game titles and sports including archery, chess, dance, motorsport, taekwondo, and more.

Potential Host of Esports Olympics

As per rumor, Japan will be the first country to host the potential Olympic esports games in 2025.

Vast gaming culture and Olympic hosting experience are the perfect mix for the IOC to give a chance Japan’s any city to host the event.

Saudi Arabia already declared the annual esports event starting this year.

Why Esports Event Important for IOC

Esports viewership figures have exploded in recent years.

According to Newzoo, there were 474 million esports enthusiasts worldwide in 2021.

More importantly for the Olympics, these viewers are young.

Newzoo’s research reveals that the 25-30 age bracket makes up the largest portion of esports fans.

Capturing the attention of the next generation is crucial for the Olympics’ future.

Role of AI in Sports

Bach also acknowledged the growing role of AI, saying,

“It will play a major role and a very important role not only for sports and the Olympic Games, but for all our lives.”

AI and machine learning have already started influencing esports, from enhancing gameplay to analyzing matches.

Their integration seems inevitable as esports continues to evolve.

While not yet official, plans for an Olympic Esports event indicate the IOC recognizes esports’ rising popularity.

With viewership and revenue numbers that rival traditional sports, esports athletes may finally get their Olympic chance in 2025 or 2026.

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