Will Indiana Jones Swing Onto PS5? Microsoft Reportedly Considering Multi-Platform Release


Microsoft made waves last month when it unveiled its highly-anticipated Indiana Jones game, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, as an Xbox console exclusive during the Xbox Developer Direct event.

But new reports suggest the title may not remain exclusive to Microsoft platforms for long.

According to sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, Bethesda is tentatively considering bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to Sony’s PlayStation 5 sometime after its initial release on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

This potential multi-platform approach represents an emerging strategy at Xbox Game Studios.

While some titles will remain exclusive to Microsoft platforms, others like Indiana Jones may launch on rival consoles like PS5 and even Nintendo Switch after a period of exclusivity.

Microsoft is reportedly targeting a December 2024 launch window for Indiana Jones on Xbox and PC.

If Indiana Jones comes to PS5, it likely won’t happen until sometime in mid or late 2025 based on the timeline provided by sources.

Of course, plans could change depending on how development progresses.

Securing the Indiana Jones licensing from Disney likely complicates matters too.

But this window of exclusivity appears far shorter than what Microsoft originally envisioned.

During the FTC’s review of Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition, court filings revealed that the Indiana Jones deal with Disney was originally for a multi-platform release across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

But after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, the contract was amended to make it an Xbox console exclusive.

Bringing major Xbox titles to PlayStation following acquisitions of studios like Bethesda has been a hot topic recently.

We’ve seen signs of this strategy already with the Hi-Fi Rush surprise launching on PlayStation and a reported Starfield port coming post-launch.

Sea of Thieves was also reportedly considered for multi-platform expansion.

For Xbox fans, this new openness to releasing games on rival platforms could be concerning.

However, it demonstrates Microsoft’s broader aim of getting content in front of more players no matter their platform.

And major titles will still likely have a substantial exclusivity window on Xbox before any port happens.

Ultimately, the details are still in flux internally on which Xbox games will get this multi-platform treatment.

But an Indiana Jones release on PS5 in 2025 seems plausible based on Microsoft’s evolving content strategy.

While surprising, opening the door to PlayStation could let more players experience Indy’s globetrotting archaeological adventures.

And it may make business sense for Microsoft as it aims to recoup the massive $7.5 billion spent to acquire Bethesda.

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