Will Destiny 2 Get a ‘Big Team Battle’ Mode Like Halo’s?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 might get Halo’s iconic 8v8 Big Team Battle mode, Bungie working on technical challenges.

What is the Big Team Battle Mode in Halo?

The Big Team Battle (BTB) mode in Halo is a large-scale multiplayer experience that pits two teams of 8 players against each other in epic battles.

This fan-favorite mode has been a staple in the Halo franchise since Halo 3, offering a unique and chaotic gameplay experience that caters to those who enjoy intense, large-scale combat.

Is Bungie Considering Bringing BTB to Destiny 2?

According to Mercules, a former host and current Destiny 2 weapons designer at Bungie, the studio is actively exploring the possibility of introducing a similar 16-player mode (8v8) to Destiny 2.

In a recent interview on the Firing Range Podcast, Mercules revealed that the team is exploring how to incorporate a mode akin to Halo’s Big Team Battle into the popular MMO shooter.

What Are the Challenges in Implementing BTB in Destiny 2?

While the prospect of a large-scale PvP mode in Destiny 2 is exciting, Mercules acknowledged that there are some technical limitations to overcome.

He mentioned that when a significant number of players load into a single activity, technical issues tend to arise.

Ensuring that the mode is not only fun but also stable is a top priority for the Bungie team.

Could BTB Help Revive Destiny 2’s Player Base?

Destiny 2’s player numbers on Steam have seen a decline since the release of the Lightfall expansion in February 2024, with the game hitting its lowest PC player count since its initial launch.

While console numbers are not publicly available, they are likely following a similar trend.

The introduction of a Big Team Battle mode could potentially reignite interest in the game and attract both new and returning players.

What’s Next for Destiny 2?

With the upcoming release of The Final Shape expansion in June, Bungie is reportedly planning to overhaul Destiny 2’s core mechanics.

This could present an ideal opportunity to implement the Halo-inspired BTB mode, providing players with a fresh and thrilling multiplayer experience.

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