Toys for Bob Hit by Layoffs – What Does This Mean for Crash and Spyro?


The recent trend of gaming industry layoffs has now reached the beloved studio behind Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, around 86 employees at Toys for Bob’s Novato, California office will be impacted by job cuts.

A state filing also revealed the closure of the physical office space.

So what does this mean for the future of Toys for Bob and its franchises?

Well, notable Xbox insider Jez Corden has confirmed that the studio itself is not shutting down completely.

It seems the remaining team will transition to remote work.

Toys for Bob made its name by developing the iconic Crash BandicootSpyro reignited Trilogy, The Horde, Star Control, and Skylanders.

In more recent years, the studio also supported Sledgehammer Games in developing Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare 3.

Fellow Activision studio Sledgehammer has faced layoffs too.

Around 76 employees were let go as the studio closed its physical office.

Sledgehammer is also now operating as a remote team with plans to downsize to a smaller office (via Insider Gaming).

While details are limited, it seems Activision Blizzard is consolidating some of its support studios amidst of Microsoft merger.

Last week, Microsoft of layoff over 2000 employees from various gaming studios, mostly from Activision Blizzard.

More changes are likely coming down the road.

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