Sonic Fans Rejoice as Sonadow Takes Center Stage in Sonic X Shadow Generations, Tag it LGBTQ+


Sega recently announced Sonic X Shadow Generations, a remaster of Sonic Generations with an added Shadow the Hedgehog campaign, during the PlayStation State of Play.

This remaster of the classic Sonic Generations will feature an additional campaign starring Shadow the Hedgehog.

This announcement has the Sonic fandom abuzz, especially hardcore shippers of the Sonadow pairing.

And they are speaking out about it in greater numbers.

For those unfamiliar, Sonadow refers to the fictional romantic pairing of Sonic and Shadow.

A group of fans is interpreting a possible romantic relationship between two hedgehogs in the upcoming title.

They are happy to have the chance to read into this suggestion.

A quick glance at the Steam page for Sonic X Shadow Generations reveals just how much the Sonadow fans are rallying around the game.

The user-defined tags are flooded with references, including the LGBTQ+ tag rising to become the most popular tag.


This places the game among other LGBTQ-focused titles on the platform, despite Sonic X Shadow Generations containing no confirmed LGBTQ representation.

Clearly, fans are having fun tagging the game this way as a joke and show of support for their slash fiction pairing.

It’s impressive they managed to override the standard genre tags like Action and Platformer to get LGBTQ to the top.

That’s a true dedication from a devoted fanbase.

Beyond the silly Steam tags, Sonic devotees are genuinely excited for Shadow’s starring role across 2024’s Sonic releases.

Dubbed “The Year of Shadow” by fans, the lineup includes Sonic X Shadow Generations and the hotly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie.

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