The Scandalous Adin Ross Livestream That Led to Andrew Tate’s Arrest


In a shocking turn of events, controversial influencer Andrew Tate found himself in hot water once again, thanks to a seemingly innocent livestream by fellow content creator Adin Ross.

During the stream on the Kick platform, Ross inadvertently revealed Tate’s plans to leave Romania, leading to his eventual arrest by the Romanian authorities.

How Did a Livestream Lead to Tate’s Arrest?

The story starts in December 2022 when Tate and his brother Tristan were initially arrested in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking and rape.

They were released in March 2023 but placed under house arrest.

Fast forward to March 2024 – During the live stream, Adin Ross “mistakenly?” read Tate’s message about leaving Romania.

The message read,

“Hey, I’m gonna be leaving Romania soon and probably never coming back. If you want to come over and do a week of long streams and content before I leave, I think it’ll be big. And it’s never — I’m sorry, It’s basically now or never.”

Ross shared these DMs during a Kick live stream, speculating it could be “the last time” they collaborated.

The Video Tipped Off Authorities

Unknown to Tate, that Kick stream video made its way to lawyers representing alleged victims in a UK case against him.

They tipped off Romanian authorities, who issued an arrest warrant suspecting Tate planned to flee Romania before his trial.

Romanian officials re-arrested Tate on March 11th based on the UK extradition request.

Why the UK Authority Involved?

At a recent court hearing, Romanian judges approved extraditing Andrew and Tristan Tate to the UK after their Romanian trial concludes. However, no trial date has been set yet.

The Tates face allegations of sexual assault from four UK women relating to incidents in 2014-2015.

Earlier investigations were dropped in 2019 but have been re-opened based on new claims.

When the Romanian trial ends, Andrew and Tristan Tate will both be extradited to the UK where a new sexual assault trial will be run on them.

Tate’s Representative Denies Allegations of Fleeing

In response to the situation, a spokesperson for the Tate brothers denied all accusations that Andrew or Tristan Tate intended to run from Romania to dodge legal proceedings.

The representative stated that Ross had “misconstrued” Andrew’s message to him, asserting that there was “simply no truth” to the rumor of their plans to flee.

What Did Adin Ross Say About the Situation?

In his own livestream, Ross apologized to Tate, saying “I f**ked up” by leaking those DMs.

“Andrew Tate’s team confirmed that I f**ked up, and Tate told me. I f**ked up, and thank god he did not get put back in there, ’cause I would’ve felt really guilty.”

Remarkably, despite the turmoil caused by Ross’s livestream, Andrew Tate extended an olive branch, inviting Ross to visit him in Romania.

Ross revealed,

“Tate had spoke to me and he said, ‘Dude, just come to Romania. I want to give my people, your people, what they want to see. Let’s do some content, you’re okay, I forgive you.'”

The Saga Continues…

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