The Gears Keep Turning: Is Microsoft’s Iconic Shooter Headed to PlayStation?

gear of wars

Gamers, get ready for a potential bombshell – according to recent rumors, Microsoft may be gearing up to bring the acclaimed Gears of War franchise to PlayStation consoles.

This scoop comes straight from notable industry insider Jeff Grubb, who revealed to VGC that “Gears of War is being considered for PlayStation.”

While not an official confirmation, it suggests that discussions are happening behind the scenes.

It would be a monumental move by Xbox to open up access to a series that has been a pillar of their brand since 2006.

Across five mainline entries and multiple spinoffs, Gears of War has amassed a dedicated fanbase with its intense cover-based shooting and hulking Locust enemies.

Grubb indicates that Gears could follow in the footsteps of Bethesda’s Starfield and the new Indiana Jones title, both revealed to be shedding their Xbox exclusivity.

More concrete details may emerge at a rumored Xbox event in late February.

For PlayStation devotees who’ve missed out on chainsawing foes in half or bouncing into cover as Marcus Fenix and the crew, this could be the perfect chance to experience Gears of War’s addictive gameplay.

And with the power of PS5 hardware, the next installment could look sharper than ever.

But questions remain on how Microsoft would handle bringing such a venerated series to a rival platform.

Would the entire back catalog come to the PlayStation Store?

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