The Controversial Cronus Zen: Aim Assist or Cheating in Games

cronos zen

Apex Legends has exploded in popularity over the last few years, quickly becoming one of the top battle royale games.

With its success comes a fierce debate around aim assist and cheating.

At the center of this debate is the Cronus Zen labeled as “hardware cheats,” a controversial hardware device that modifies controller input.

But is the Cronus Zen aim to assist or cheating?

Let’s break it down.

What is the Cronus Zen?

The Cronus Zen is a small USB device that can be connected to controllers on the console and PC.

It allows users to install “mods” or scripts that can alter the controller’s inputs and aim assist.

Some examples of Cronus Zen mods include:

  •  Rapid fire – Shoot weapons faster than intended
  •  Anti-recoil – Remove or reduce weapon recoil
  •  Improved aim assist – Stronger “stickiness” when aiming at opponents
  •  Auto spotting – Automatically mark opponents when aimed at

These mods allow controller users to gain significant advantages in aiming and shooting in competitive games like Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone and Apex Legends.

The Cronus Zen essentially automates and enhances elements of aiming that are normally skill-based.

Why Do People Use the Cronus Zen in Games?

There are two primary motivations for using the Cronus Zen in a competitive game like Apex Legends:

**1. Enhanced Aim Assist**

Aim assist is already built into console versions of Apex Legends to help compensate for analog stick controls.

The improved aim assist mods on the Cronus Zen take this a step further for a targeting advantage.

**2. To Counter Mouse and Keyboard Users**

Many players adopt the Cronus Zen to help “even the playing field” against mouse and keyboard users on PC who may have superior aiming capability.

The mods can give controller users a competitive boost.

Pro players and streamers have also been accused of using the Cronus Zen illegally in tournaments. Devices like the Cronus Zen are typically banned in official esports events.

Is the Cronus Zen Considered Cheating?

The question of whether the Cronus Zen constitutes cheating is controversial in the gaming community.

Here are some perspectives:

  • It Automates Skill: Mods that add rapid fire, remove recoil, and improve aim assist automate skills that are intended to require human input, practice, and skill. This provides an unfair advantage.
  • Difficult to Detect: The Cronus Zen is difficult for anti-cheat systems to detect since it modifies controller input. This makes enforcement against it problematic.
  • Banned in Tournaments: Use of the Cronus Zen and similar devices are banned in professional tournaments. This implies it is viewed as a form of cheating by officials.
  • Not Technically Hacking: Since the Cronus Zen does not interfere with the game’s code or memory, some argue it simply enhances legal controller input and doesn’t constitute actual “hacking.”

There are good arguments on both sides, but competitive integrity and fairness should be the priorities.

How to Report Suspected Cronus Zen Users

If you suspect an opponent is using the Cronus Zen or other cheat devices, you can report them in Apex Legends:

  • – Open the menu and select Squad tab
  • – Choose the warning icon by the player’s name
  • – Select “Cheating” as the category
  • – Pick “Aimbot” as the subcategory
  • – Click “Report”

Reporting cheaters helps Respawn investigate and improve anti-cheat efforts. Don’t confront suspected cheaters, just use the built-in report feature.

The Cronus Zen aim to assist vs. cheating debate will likely continue, but hopefully, anti-cheat technology will improve to better detect unauthorized mods and keep competition fair for all.

Riccocet’s anti-cheat system of MW3 claimed that they can detect and SPLAT those who use Cronos Zen for their competitive edge.

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