Take-Two and Remedy Locked in Logo Dispute Despite Ongoing Collaboration

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In a turn of events, Take-Two Interactive and Remedy Entertainment find themselves at odds over their respective logos containing the letter ‘R’.

Take-Two, owner of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games, has filed a trademark dispute against Remedy’s rebranded logo in the United Kingdom.

This opposition comes despite the two companies actively working together on upcoming projects, highlighting the absurd nuances of trademark law.

Remedy’s Rebrand Prompts Backlash

Remedy unveiled its revised logo in April 2023, ditching the iconic bullet from the Max Payne era.

With Remedy expanding its gaming library with titles like Control and Alan Wake, they wanted a logo reflecting their growth beyond just one series.

However, Take-Two believes this minimalist logo infringes upon Rockstar’s own iconic ‘R’ branding.

While the two logos aren’t identical, Take-Two seemingly finds them too similar for comfort.

Does This Dispute Make Logical Sense?

On the surface, this clash appears nonsensical.

Remedy and Rockstar are collaborating on remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne 2, with Remedy handling development and Rockstar publishing.

Why would Take-Two oppose Remedy’s rebrand when the two companies are actively working together?

This strange contradiction highlights the complexities of trademark law.

While opposing logos during an ongoing partnership seems counterintuitive, Take-Two likely feels obligated to protect Rockstar’s branding.

If they didn’t dispute Remedy’s mark, it could weaken future enforcement efforts against other infringements.

What’s Next for Both Studios?

Beyond this logo debacle, Take-Two and Rockstar are gearing up for the release of the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2025.

After the astronomical success of GTA 5, expectations are sky-high for the next entry.

Meanwhile, Remedy recently launched the psychological horror game Alan Wake 2, earning rave reviews.

The studio is also continuing to expand its Control franchise while reviving Max Payne through its collaboration with Rockstar.

Final Thoughts

Trademark disputes often reside in murky legal territory, but this one seems especially absurd given the cooperative relationship between Take-Two and Remedy.

Hopefully, the two giants can resolve this speed bump quickly and get back to delighting gaming fans with new titles.

But for now, their logos will remain at odds, despite everything else indicating a peaceful partnership.

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