GTA 6 Trailer Is Now The Second Most-Watched Game Trailer in History, But Still Far Behind From The Top Position

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Grand Theft Auto 6 has cemented itself in gaming history, with its long-awaited debut trailer now ranking as the second most-viewed video game trailer of all time.

After premiering in December 2023, the GTA 6 trailer has now (May 26th) gathered over 192 million views on YouTube.

This staggering view count surpasses that of trailers for iconic games such as Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Cyberpunk 2077.

However, GTA 6 still sits far behind the number one most-watched game trailer.

Overtaking a Giant in Minecraft

The trailer for GTA 6, showcasing the upcoming adventures in Vice City, has attracted over 168 million views as of January 17.

The exciting thing is that it achieved this milestone in just 41 days since launching on December 6th, 2023.

This edges out Minecraft’s trailer at 167+ views which was launched way back in 2012.

Minecraft stands as one of gaming’s most influential and popular titles ever created with over 300 million copies sold and over 175 million monthly user engagement.

The fact that GTA has garnered such widespread attention is a testament to the unparalleled hype and expectations surrounding Rockstar’s blockbuster franchise.

With the launch, it has already broken several records:

  • Most viewed video game trailer on YouTube in first 24 hours
  • Most liked video game trailer in YouTube history
  • Most viewed non-music video in YouTube history in first 24 hours

Previously, GTA 6’s trailer has surpassed other bigies, including Cyberpunk 2077 with 121 million views and Red Dead Redemption 2 at 36 million.

After ten years of high anticipation, it was clear that the GTA trailer was destined for success from the moment of its reveal.

But the True Champion Lies Elsewhere

Despite overtaking almost all of gaming’s giants, GTA 6 has still not come close to topping the most-watched video game trailer of all time – Subway Surfers.

The trailer of Subway Surfers, the wildly popular Endless Runner mobile game, was uploaded in 2012 and has accumulated a staggering 361+ million views over the past decade which is double that of GTA6 views.

Considering GTA 6 is still a year from release (rumored Q1 of 2025), it is likely to go with the current momentum and possibly surpass the Subway Surfers trailer very soon.

Currently, it is inching towards the 200 million mark, and many hoping it will reach 300 million by the official game release.

Rumors of a second trailer for the game are also circulating, which could reignite interest in the first trailer as many will likely draw comparisons between the two.

For now here are some of the most-watched trailers on YouTube (updated on May 2024):

  1. Subway Surfers – Official Google Play – 361M
  2. GTA 6 – 192M
  3. Subway Surfers Gameplay PC HDSubway Surf 2023 Trailer – 176M
  4. Minecraft – 169M
  5. Subway Surfers – Official Launch Trailer – 154M
  6. Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders – 136M
  7. Shadow Fight 2 – 128M
  8. Angry Birds – 121M
  9. Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360° – 113M
  10. Grand Theft Auto V – 110M
  11. Kelly “La Veloz” – Animation | GARENA FREE FIRE – 95M
  12. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2017 E3 Gameplay – 89M
  13. Meet the Medic – Team Fortress 2 – 82M

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