Sony’s PS VR2 Headset Gearing Up for PC Game Support in 2024


Sony’s PS VR2 headset may soon gain official PC compatibility, opening up new gaming possibilities in 2024.

In a recent PlayStation Blog post hyping up upcoming PS VR2 games, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Gillen McAllister dropped an intriguing line:

“We’re also currently testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC.”

That’s a pretty vague statement, but it confirms Sony is exploring ways to enable the PS5’s virtual reality headset to work with PC gaming as well.

What PC Games Could the PS VR2 Play?

McAllister’s “additional games” phrasing implies official PS VR2 PC support may be limited to select titles, at least initially.

But which ones?

Sony could pursue porting some of the PS VR2 exclusive games like Horizon Call of the Mountain to PC.

Or the company may partner with existing PC games to enable native compatibility.

Either way, unlocking even a handful of AAA VR experiences on PC hardware could make the $549 PS VR2 an enticing high-end PC VR option compared to the $499 Meta Quest Pro.

Can You Currently Use the PS VR2 on PC?

While not officially supported yet, it is possible to connect the PS VR2 to a PC using a USB-C to HDMI adapter or a graphics card with a VirtualLink port.

However, Windows can only detect the headset itself – not the PS VR2’s controllers or any game software.

So you can essentially just use it as a wired PC monitor right now.

For true VR gaming support on PC, Sony would likely need to develop custom software and drivers to integrate the PS VR2’s full range of tracking cameras, eye-tracking, haptic feedback, and input from the Sense controllers.

Why Bring the PS VR2 to PC?

Sony has increasingly brought previously console-exclusive PlayStation games to PC in recent years, from God of War to the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West.

Enabling PS VR2 functionality on gaming PCs continues that strategy of expanding Sony’s software ecosystem and potential customer base beyond just PS5 owners.

From a hardware perspective, the PS VR2’s 4K HDR OLED display, inside-out camera tracking, and intuitive Sense controllers have been widely praised among console VR users so far.

Releasing PC drivers could help Sony further monetize that premium VR technology investment.

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