life by you sims game

Life by You Cancelled: Paradox’s Ambitious Sims Competitor Falls Short

The gaming world was abuzz with excitement when Paradox Interactive announced Life by You, an open-world life simulation game touted as a formidable competitor to Electronic Arts’ beloved The Sims franchise. With promises of unparalleled customization, real-language conversations, and a modding-friendly platform, Life by You seemed poised to dethrone the reigning king of life sims. However, in a disappointing turn…

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EA Marval Black panther game

New Marvel’s Black Panther Game Will Be An Open-World Sandbox Adventure

An Epic Wakandan Adventure!! Electronic Arts (EA) recently unveiled plans for an ambitious open-world game starring Marvel’s Black Panther. The project is being developed by Cliffhanger Games, a Seattle-based studio led by industry veterans from major franchises like Halo, God of War, and Call of Duty. Recent job listings at EA have provided some tantalizing…

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