Riot Games to Lauch Upgraded Bots for League of Legends

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Attention, League of Legends players! Those frustratingly predictable bot matches are about to get a whole lot more interesting, as Riot Games prepares to roll out a full upgrade to its AI companions.

Over the past few months, the company has been diligently testing enhanced bot capabilities on PBE servers, and the results have been so impressive that a full launch is on the horizon for early to mid-2024.

Learning from the Bot Beta

The success of the Bot Beta can be attributed to the valuable feedback gathered from players and the tireless efforts of Riot developer Darcy “DashiJador” Ludington.

In response to player inquiries about the bot upgrades, Ludington stated that the Bot Beta tests, which ran throughout September and October, provided the team with “exactly what we needed.”

The Promise of Enhanced Bots

The upgraded bots are set to revolutionize the new player experience, offering a far more immersive and realistic learning environment.

Not only will bots be able to adapt to the game’s advanced mechanics, but they will also engage with the map’s minions and even interact with the new Rift Herald.

This means that new players can expect to see bots demonstrating advanced strategies and techniques, providing valuable insights that would otherwise be difficult to acquire.

Addressing Player Needs

The need for improved bot interaction has long been a topic of discussion among League of Legends players. While the game’s tutorial provides a solid foundation, many of the MOBA’s nuances and complexities are often left unexplained.

Player-versus-AI matches have been a popular tool for learning these elements, but the current bots often fall short of providing the level of guidance and instruction that players seek.

Key Areas of Improvement

While concrete details remain scarce, DashiJador’s comments point to more layered bot logic for crucial in-game elements like:

  • Minion Control: Better interactions with map minions, including piloting tricky objectives like Rift Herald
  • Jungling: Demonstrating efficient jungle routes to clear camps and gather buffs
  • Ganking: Executing coordinated ambush attacks against vulnerable lane opponents
  • Map Objectives: Contesting major contested points like Elder Dragon or Baron Nashor

This expands beyond simple mechanics into higher level strategy and decision making more representative of human player tendencies.

Riot’s Commitment to Learning

Riot Games is taking a proactive approach to addressing this issue by enhancing the bots’ ability to explore the map, demonstrate advanced gameplay mechanics, and provide clear instructions to new players.

By equipping bots with a deeper understanding of the game, Riot is empowering new players to confidently navigate the world of League of Legends and develop their skills at an accelerated pace.


The introduction of upgraded bots marks a significant step forward in Riot Games’ commitment to improving the new player experience.

With these enhanced AI companions, League of Legends will become more accessible and engaging for beginners, allowing them to seamlessly transition from learning the basics to mastering the game’s complexities.

So, get ready to witness a bot revolution in 2024 – the new player experience is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

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