Report: Surface Team Now Leading Design of Next Xbox Hardware


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles have faced tough competition from Sony’s massively popular PlayStation 5.

With PS5 sales outpacing Xbox by over 2-to-1, many gamers are left wondering – what’s next for Xbox?

According to recent insider rumors, Microsoft may be looking to shake things up in a big way.

Surface Team Taking Over Xbox Design?

Industry insider Nick Baker recently revealed on the podcast The XboxEra that Microsoft has reportedly moved design responsibilities for the next Xbox console generation to their Surface hardware team.

Previously, Xbox Series X/S system architect Jason Ronald headed Xbox console development.

Ronald’s 17-year Microsoft tenure brought us the Xbox One X and current-gen Series X/S.

However, with Sony dominating this console cycle, it seems Microsoft is pressing the reset button.

The Surface team specializes in high-performance mobile devices like the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop.

Their hardware expertise could bring a fresh perspective to Xbox.

But how significantly could the Surface team reinvent Xbox’s gaming hardware?

Is a Portable Xbox Handheld on the Horizon?

In another intriguing rumor, Xbox News Cast podcaster MAGG claimed an Xbox handheld is secretly in development.

While Baker couldn’t validate this rumor, he shared that another source tipped him off about a portable Xbox.

However, Baker’s source described the handheld as having identical power to Microsoft’s next-gen console, unlike MAGG’s report of an entry-level portable.

An Xbox Switch competitor would be a bold change in strategy for Microsoft’s gaming division.

Various industry analysts have long called for Xbox to tap into Nintendo’s successful hybrid portable/home console market.

Could Microsoft’s next gaming devices be both a powerful new Xbox console AND a portable companion handheld?

Such a major shift toward mobility would likely fall in line with the Surface team’s area of expertise.

What This Means for the Future of Xbox

While mere rumors for now, Microsoft assigning Xbox’s future to the Surface group signifies major change is likely in store.

Between lackluster Xbox Series X/S sales and multiple reports surfacing about early next-gen hardware development, Xbox’s gaming landscape looks primed for a shakeup.

If Surface leads Xbox gaming toward mobile and portable devices, Microsoft could expand their reach beyond just home consumers.

Plus, some much-needed innovation and new ideas may be exactly what Xbox needs to catch up to Sony’s relentless success.

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