Popular Kick Streamer N3on Faces Jail Time in Dubai – What Happened?


Kick streamer Rangesh Mutama, known online as “N3on,” is reportedly facing potential prison time in Dubai for allegedly filming and live-streaming without proper permits.

N3on and Girlfriend Detained by Dubai Police

On April 8th, 2024, N3on and his girlfriend Sam Frank were reportedly detained by Dubai police during an IRL (in real life) stream at the Global Village.

Footage from the stream went viral on social media on April 12th, showing the influencer, his girlfriend, and a group of friends being accompanied by police officers.

Reports suggest the couple lacked the necessary filming permits for their live stream, leading to their arrest and potential legal action.

In the footage, N3on’s girlfriend can be heard saying “I understand that it’s not official, right?” and the cameraman asking if they were “going to jail.”

Lack of Proper Filming Permits

The incident appears to have stemmed from N3on and his crew filming without the required permits in Dubai.

Sam Frank told the officers that the group had received permission to film from “guest services,” but it seems this was not enough to satisfy the authorities.

Adin Ross Speaks Vaguely on the Situation

His fellow streamer Adin Ross briefly addressed the situation on his own stream, saying it was a “very sticky situation” and telling his chat to “pray for N3on.”

However, he purposely withheld details, likely out of caution or respect for N3on’s privacy.

N3on’s History of Controversy

This incident follows a pattern of controversy for N3on, who has a history of sparking online drama and is often labeled as the “Most Hated Kid on The Internet.”

Previously, he received a temporary ban from Kick (where he has over 20m followers) for alleged threats to dox and sexually assault a minor, which sparked public outrage.

Potential Prison Sentence

According to Dexerto reports, N3on’s latest actions in Dubai may now result in a year-long prison sentence.

News of this potential punishment has divided online audiences, with some criticizing N3on for potentially putting himself and his crew at risk, and others questioning his disregard for local regulations.

The situation surrounding N3on in Dubai is still developing, and the streamer has yet to officially comment on the matter.

Source: Dexerto

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