PlayStation 5 Blocks Controversial Cronus Zen Device in Latest Updates

cronos zen

Today Sony landed a major blow by blocking the notorious Cronus Zen device in the latest PS5 update.

But what exactly is the Cronus Zen, and why has it caused so much controversy among the gaming community?

What is the Cronus Zen?

The Cronus Zen is a third-party accessory marketed as a “controller emulator” that can be used to connect different input devices to consoles.

However, the device also enables more shady uses like running cheating scripts that reduce recoil, automate rapid firing, or allow mouse and keyboard play on consoles.

Basically, the Cronus Zen opens the door for players to gain unfair advantages in multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

This has led recently to widespread criticism that it promotes and enables cheating.

How Does the PS5 Blockade Work?

In the latest PS5 firmware update, Sony has apparently implemented a stealth blockade that stops the Cronus Zen from connecting to the console altogether.

This renders the device useless on PS5 systems.

The Cronus team has confirmed the incompatibility, stating there is “no timetable” for when they can get the devices working again on PS5.

It’s unclear if other third-party cheating devices are also blocked.

Is This Part of a Wider Crackdown on Third-Party Devices?

Quite possibly.

Sony has not officially commented on specifically targeting the Cronus Zen, but they are likely aware of its controversial uses.

Last year, Xbox issued a blanket ban on unauthorized accessories, while Epic, Ubisoft and others targeted cheating devices.

The rise of cross-play multiplayer has put increased pressure on console makers and game developers to create an even playing field.

Cronus Zen and similar tools allowing modified controllers or mouse/keyboard on consoles undermine those efforts.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Cheating?

While this won’t stamp out cheating entirely, it does show console makers are willing to take direct action in blocking illicit tools.

Cheaters will surely look for other workarounds, but having a major exploit eliminated should improve the playing field.

For fair-playing gamers, this PS5 blockade is welcome news.

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