Nintendo Switch 2: New Leaks Hint at Backward Compatibility and Custom NVIDIA Chip

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As we enter 2024, Nintendo fans everywhere are wondering: what’s next for the House of Mario?

While the Nintendo Switch continues its reign as a smash-hit console, gamers are eagerly anticipating its eventual successor.

And the rumor mill is certainly churning.

What can we expect from the next Nintendo console based on leaks so far?

What Do the Latest Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Say?

According to the Portuguese website Universo Nintendo, reputable for leaking accurate Nintendo Direct details in the past, the Switch 2 is coming.

Their scoop suggests the new console will launch next month, revealed at a Nintendo hardware event.

Additionally, Universo Nintendo claims the Switch 2 will be backward compatible with current Switch games, both physical and digital.

Developers can also supposedly “enhance” games via updates to utilize the sequel system’s beefed-up hardware.

If their track record proves reliable again, Switch fans have an exciting month ahead!

NVIDIA Creating Custom Chip for Nintendo

Business and tech leader Reuters has revealed that NVIDIA is building a new unit to craft custom chips, notably for Nintendo’s next system.

Considering the success of NVIDIA’s Tegra processor powering the beloved Switch, this news feels credible.

With video games becoming more graphically intensive, a specially designed, ultra-powerful NVIDIA chip could give the Switch 2 a distinct edge over rival consoles.

Bloomberg Predicts 8″ LCD for Switch 2

Prolific business news source Bloomberg asserts one major upgrade coming to Nintendo’s next console is an 8″ LCD display, a noticeable increase over the original Switch’s 6.2″ screen.

As gamers flock more and more to handheld play, a bigger built-in display with the power to run cutting-edge gaming visuals could be an appealing selling point when mobile.

What Does Nintendo Say?

Nintendo themselves remain tightly-lipped about specific Switch successor details.

However, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser subtly hinted at minimizing the usual console transition dip between systems:

“Our goal is to minimize the dip you typically see in the last year of one cycle and the beginning of another.”

This suggests potential backward compatibility and cross-generational software updates to entice early adoption of the Switch 2.

The Rumor Mill Keeps Turning…

While nothing is yet confirmed, credible leaks paint an exciting picture of what could be in store for Nintendo’s next console launch.

With improving performance for more immersive graphics, ongoing backward compatibility, and perhaps most importantly, lots more iconic Nintendo gaming magic.

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