Nintendo Sends Legal Notice to PokeZoo IP for Blatantly Coping Pokemon


Nintendo’s notoriously litigious legal team has a new target in their crosshairs – and surprisingly, it’s not Palworld.

Nintendo’s legal team has set its sights on a new target bearing an all-too-familiar likeness to Pokemon.

But surprisingly, it’s not the latest creature-collecting game Palworld.

While Palworld’s Pokemon mods face scrutiny, the game itself has avoided Nintendo’s wrath so far.

Instead, it’s a new trading card IP called PokeZoo feeling the heat in a recent opposition filing.

Blatant Pokemon Ripoff Draws Nintendo’s Ire

One look at the PokeZoo logo makes it obvious why Nintendo took action.

The bright yellow font, a creature that blatantly copies Pokemon’s Gengar, even a Fast Ball icon – it’s poking the bear that is Nintendo IP.

Further searching reveals even more flagrant IP theft.

PokeZoo’s website has links with anchor text like “Pokemon” and “Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes”.

They don’t even bother tweaking the trademark spelling.

According to its website, PokeZoo bills itself as a “groundbreaking” trading card game that “breaks the 4th wall”.

But the sketchy online store selling cards ranging from $0 to $39,990 raises red flags about the IP’s legitimacy.

A companion mobile game also launched recently, allowing players to “integrate into the summoned beast world.”

The description might as well read “Come catch our knock-off Pokemon creatures!”

However, given Nintendo’s opposition, this Pokemon clone will likely meet a quick demise.


Nintendo Cracks Down on PokeZoo IP

PokeZoo’s brazen borrowing left Nintendo with no choice but to unleash its lawyers.

According to a January 11 trademark opposition filing discovered by Stephen Totilo of Game File, Nintendo of America is officially going after PokeZoo for its shameless mimicking of Pokemon IP.

With brazen borrowing of logos, terminology, and gameplay, PokeZoo put itself into legal trouble.

Nintendo is fiercely protective of its IP, especially a beloved franchise like Pokemon.

It won’t tolerate such obvious free-riding on its brand.

Nintendo’s crackdown reaffirms it won’t hesitate to protect its portfolio, especially a cash cow like Pokemon.

Source: GamingRadar+

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