Microsoft Unveils Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox Cloud Gaming


Microsoft is finally bringing mouse and keyboard support to its cloud gaming platform, nearly two years after first announcing plans for the new input method.

The software giant began previewing mouse and keyboard compatibility with Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) for Xbox Insiders this week.

What Is Xbox Cloud Gaming?

For those not familiar, Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as xCloud) is Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform.

It allows you to stream Xbox games to devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and low-powered PCs without needing a physical Xbox console.

The games run on powerful hardware in Microsoft’s data centers, with inputs and video streamed over the internet. It’s a great way to experience Xbox games on devices that couldn’t normally run them.

Why Add Mouse and Keyboard Support?

Most Xbox games are designed primarily with a controller in mind. But many titles, especially those that originated on PC, feel better with the precision aiming and gameplay of a mouse and keyboard setup.

Giving Xbox Cloud Gaming the option to use these traditional PC peripherals opens the door to more immersive experiences for certain game genres.

Shooters, strategy games, and other mouse/keyboard-friendly titles should benefit greatly.

What Games Are Compatible?

Microsoft is currently previewing the mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Insiders.

To try it, you’ll need to be running the Xbox Insider program and stream games through the Edge, Chrome, or Xbox app on a Windows PC.

Not every title supports mouse/keyboard yet, but there’s a good selection of over a dozen games that do in the preview. These include the likes of:

  1. Fortnite (browser only)
  2. Sea of Thieves
  3. Halo Infinite
  4. Grounded
  5. ARK: Survival Evolved
  6. Doom 64
  7. Age of Empires 2
  8. Atomic Heart
  9. Sniper Elite 5
  10. Deep Rock Galactic
  11. High on Life
  12. Zombie Army 4 Dead War
  13. Gears Tactics
  14. Pentiment

To enable mouse/keyboard controls, you’ll need to be playing in full screen browser mode.

There’s also an ALT+F9 shortcut to toggle between mouse/keyboard and controller inputs if needed.

As the preview progresses, Microsoft will undoubtedly add more mouse/keyboard enabled games to the roster.

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