Massive Fortnite Leak Reveals Potential Year-Long Content Roadmap

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What’s Coming Next for Fortnite Based on Purported Leaks?

Recently, the entire content roadmap for Fortnite’s upcoming season has allegedly been leaked by the infamous internet forum 4chan.

Said to be the biggest leak in Fortnite history, leak images show us upcoming themes, skins, crossover, and artist collaboration in future Fortnite seasons.

Several well-known Fortnite leakers also verified this info lending credibility to its potential validity.

If true, this massive leak offers players a wide-ranging look at the exciting new content and updates that Epic Games has planned for Fortnite over the next year.

What Was Revealed in the Fortnite Leak?

Upcoming Theme, Crossover, content, skins

  • Chapter 5, Season 3 – Apocalypse themed with rock legend Metallica skins. Pirates of the Caribbean skins may also make an appearance.
  • Chapter 5, Season 4 – Marvel-themed season, this time starring the iconic Fantastic Four superhero team who have not been represented in Fortnite…yet.
  • Chapter 5, Season 5 – The Return of OG Fortnite.
  • Chapter 6 launch – No information yet.

New Musicians Coming to Fortnite’s Icon Series

Beyond the themed seasons, the leak claims to reveal Fortnite’s next four Icon/Festival artist collaborations:

  • Season 3: Billie Eilish (on April 24th confirmed now by Fortnite)
  • Season 4: Metallica (June)
  • Season 5: Karol G (August)
  • Season 6: Snoop Dogg (October)

LEGO Mode May Get Star Wars and Klombo

The rumor states that Fortnite’s LEGO mode will integrate Star Wars content and the addition of a LEGO version of Klombo, the popular Season 1 Chapter 3 dinosaur character.

Potential Storyline Connections

The leaked roadmap does not provide details on the specific story events that will connect the different seasons.

However, speculation suggests that villains like Doctor Doom or Galactus could play a significant role, particularly in the Fantastic Four-themed season.

Confirmed or Fake?

While leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, some of the details mentioned seem quite plausible based on past Fortnite events and pop culture happenings:

  • Billie Eilish‘s rumored arrival aligns with her new album cycle
  • Marvel season tie-ins have happened before (Chapter 2: Season 4) and align with recent Disney deal
  • The LEGO mode exists and Klombo was an iconic part of Chapter 3

However, other pieces of info like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Four (whose movie isn’t until 2025) inclusions seem more questionable in their timing.

Notable Fortnite leaker @iFireMonkey claimed they could not verify the massive leak, leaving its legitimacy up in the air for now.

But if accurate, it would constitute an unprecedented breach of Epic’s secrecy around their battle royale’s future updates.

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