Make Your Own RPG Game in 2024? Grab RPG Maker XP for Free on Steam


With the rise of indie game development, more aspiring creators are looking to make their own RPG games.

However, developing a game from scratch can be an intimidating task.

That’s where game creation software like RPG Maker comes in.

Right now, players can pick up a free copy of 2005’s RPG Maker XP on Steam as part of the RPG Maker Festival 2024 celebration.

What Is RPG Maker XP?

RPG Maker XP is a game development tool designed to make creating 2D roleplaying games simple and accessible.

With an easy-to-use interface and built-in art assets, RPG Maker XP allows users to build the foundations of an RPG quickly.

Users can craft original stories, characters, combat systems, maps, and more without needing to code.

Released in 2005, RPG Maker XP lets aspiring developers make games inspired by classic JRPGs like early Final Fantasy, To The Moon, Space Funeral, and Dragon Quest titles.

And it’s the engine used by Pokémon Essentials, which has enabled countless fan-made Pokémon games.

While dated, it still provides the essential tools for constructing the core elements of an RPG.

Why Grab RPG Maker XP for Free Now?

As part of Steam’s RPG Maker Festival 2024, RPG Maker XP is free to claim from February 12th to 19th.

It normally costs $24.99, so this is a great chance to get the software for free!

This gives new users a chance to test out making an RPG at no cost.

While RPG Maker XP is nearly 20 years old, it remains a capable entry point into game creation.

Making a simple game in RPG Maker XP will build foundational knowledge of RPG mechanics, narrative design, mapping, and event scripting.

For users who want to upgrade after trying RPG Maker XP, newer iterations like RPG Maker MV (85% off) and MZ (50% off) are also discounted during the festival.

How to Use RPG Maker XP

The best part about RPG Maker XP is that it’s designed for beginners.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to make an RPG with it.

It provides:

  • Pre-made character sprites and tilesets to build maps
  • Simple event system to add NPCs and triggers
  • Database for enemies, items, skills, and more
  • Basic scripting to customize gameplay mechanics

With some creativity and effort, you can make almost any kind of 2D RPG you can imagine.

And if you ever get stuck, the RPG Maker community is full of helpful tutorials and resources.


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Start Your RPG Journey with RPG Maker XP

While creating a game from nothing is challenging, game makers like RPG Maker XP lower the barriers to entry.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own old-school JRPG, now is the perfect time to start by grabbing RPG Maker XP for free.

If you want more advanced options, don’t forget to grab RPG Maker MV or MZ on sale during the festival.

Also Steam announced the RPG Maker Day on February 15th to celebrate all things RPG creation!

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