Krafton India Gaming Incubator (KIGI): Krafton’s Efforts To Boost India’s Game Development Environment


Krafton India the renowned gaming company behind BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), has launched the Krafton India Gaming Incubator, or KIGI.

With India’s position as one of the world’s largest gaming markets, this initiative by Krafton aims to nurture creativity, innovation, and talent in the Indian gaming industry.

Fueling Gaming Dreams: KIGI’s Vision

KIGI’s primary objective is to support and empower the gaming ecosystem in India by encouraging promising esports startups.

Over the years, India has witnessed a rise in gaming enthusiasts and developers, and KIGI aims to play a major role in this growth.

The program’s vision is to promote at least 6 to 10 gaming teams annually, with program durations ranging from six months to a year.

The KIGI Advantage: What Startups Can Expect

Selected startups entering the KIGI program will receive valuable guidance, mentorship, and access to Krafton’s vast resources.

Key components of the incubator program include financial support, typically ranging from $50,000 to $150,000, to meet the unique needs of each venture under incubation.

Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO, of Krafton India expressed his opinion about this initiative  –

“We are excited to nurture the next generation of gaming talent in the country and align with the government’s vision of upskilling the Indian workforce and increasing employability”.

Embracing Early-Stage Innovation

KIGI Program will also be applicable to actively seeking early-stage startups, including those still in the “conceptualization” phase.

It extends its arms to consider student teams from colleges or schools and independent developers as potential candidates for incubation.

This inclusivity shows that KIGI wants to foster every section of people who seek a career in the gaming industry.

Mentorship from the Gaming Industry Titans

A standout feature of the KIGI program is the opportunity for participants to receive mentorship from prominent figures from the gaming industry.

These mentors include accomplished gaming executives, seasoned game developers, and experts from South Korea, a global gaming hub.

Participants will also gain access to Krafton’s internal resources, such as data analytics and market research, to move forward with their individual projects.

Notable mentors in the program include Dave Curd, Creative Director at PUBG Studios, and Harns Kim, Game Producer at Krafton, Inc.

These industry veterans bring a wealth of experience and insights to guide and inspire the next generation of gaming pioneers.

Beyond Incubation: Opportunities Await

After completing the KIGI program, participants will find opportunities to publish their creations with financial backing from external investors.

But that’s not it, They will also receive equity investments from Krafton.

This holistic approach ensures that the journey doesn’t end with incubation but continues toward discovering the full potential of their gaming ideas.

Aligning with India’s Startup Ecosystem

KIGI’s focus remains on businesses that share a strong passion for game development, and a willingness to expand, collaborate with Krafton, and explore potential funding and investment avenues.

It’s important to note that KIGI does not entertain applications from organizations primarily focused on gambling or real-money gaming.

With Krafton’s support and mentorship, the future for gaming startups in India looks brighter.

KIGI will not just act as an incubator but also it’s a motivator for startups until they become self-reliant on their own.

For gaming enthusiasts and startups in India, KIGI is a big opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

First Cohort

Updated on March 15th, 2024: 6 months after the announcement, Krafton India launched its first cohort under KIGI and selected 2 Indian Startups:

  • ReDimension Games: developing an action-adventure game, ‘Sojourn Past’
  • Shura Games: developer of culinary puzzle adventures mobile game ‘Spice Secrets’

Last year, KRAFTON India also announced to invest $150 Million over the next two to three years in Indian gaming and esports.

Updated on May 2nd, 2024: Krafton India expands the First Cohort and invites new applicants to join the program.

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