Italian Regulator Fines YouTube and Twitch for Violating Gambling Ad Rules


Italy’s administrative regulator, AGCOM, has cracked down on popular streaming platforms YouTube and Twitch for allegedly violating regulations prohibiting gambling advertising within the country.

According to AGCOM, both YouTube and Twitch breached rules related to the promotion of gambling content.

The regulatory authority discovered that these platforms had established commercial partnerships with content creators who produced and published content that violated Italy’s gambling advertising laws.

Hence the regulator imposed a substantial fine, with YouTube facing a penalty of 2.25 million euros ($2.45 million), and Twitch receiving a fine of 900,000 euros.

Last month they also fined X (Twitter) more than one million euros for similar reasons.

In addition to the hefty fines, AGCOM announced the removal of over 20,000 online videos that were found to be promoting various forms of gambling, including sports betting

What is the Broader Context of AGCOM’s Actions?

Gambling content often portrays an alluring image of effortless wealth and excitement, glossing over the harsh realities of addiction and financial ruin that can accompany such activities.

This false narrative can be particularly enticing to young audiences, who may lack the critical thinking skills to recognize the dangers lurking beneath the surface.

AGCOM’s decision to fine YouTube and Twitch serves as a wake-up call for the entire tech industry.

Platforms must take proactive steps to implement robust content moderation policies and safeguards to protect users, particularly minors, from exposure to harmful or illegal content.

Recently Türkiye banned Twitch, Kick, and many other streaming platforms for similar reasons.

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