Is Valve Working on Half-Life 3 or New Title? Code Hints Excite Fans


Valve is infamous for leaving fans hanging when it comes to the Half-Life franchise.

The beloved sci-fi shooter hasn’t seen expansion since 2007’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Portal, Portal 2, and Alyx were spin-offs and Black Mesa was a remake).

But a discovery in a recent Counter-Strike 2 update suggests Valve could finally be working on the long-awaited Half-Life 3.

Mysterious “HLX” Code

Earlier this week, Valve pushed out an update for Counter-Strike:2.

Hidden within the update’s files was a curious string of code referencing “hlx_2d_basic” (via Gabe Follower).

The “hl” part hints at some connection to Half-Life.

The appended “x” makes things more ambiguous.

Could “hlx” stand for Half-Life 3?

It’s possible since Valve likely wants to avoid leakable code explicitly saying “hl3.”

However, fans speculate the “x” could mean “cross-platform,” implying this is code for a PlayStation VR 2 port of Half-Life: Alyx.

Simply put:

  • Valve may use “hlx” to avoid leaking “hl3”.
  • A PSVR 2 port of Half-Life: Alyx – The “X” means “cross-platform.”
  • Another sequel/spinoff for Half-Life.

Ultimately, “hlx” remains a mystery.

But it undeniably suggests Valve is developing another Half-Life project.

What About Project Citadel?

The same CS2 update also included code referencing “Citadel.”

Valve has used this codename before, rumored to be for a multiplayer project.

The Citadel code contains many references to movement like “leap,” “hurdle,” and “mantle.

There are also hints at objectives, lobbies, and a surveillance drone.

Most notable is a “HeroID” variable, suggesting the project may be a hero shooter.

So while Citadel seems multiplayer-focused, it likely isn’t related to Half-Life.

This could be:

  • A Dota 2 or Team Fortress sequel with more hero focus
  • A brand new multiplayer IP

What’s Next for Valve?

Whether these codenames represent Valve’s upcoming games or not, new releases seem imminent.

After Half-Life: Alyx (2020), Aperture Desk Job (2022), and Counter-Strike 2 (2023), another title likely isn’t far off.

Rumors also swirl about a new Valve VR headset incoming.

This could drive their next game reveal.

2024 seems poised for big news, especially with possible Half-Life and multiplayer projects brewing.

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