Is Netflix Bringing More GTA Games After GTA Trilogy Success?

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According to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, the GTA Trilogy led a surge in downloads on Netflix Games after the GTA 6 trailer dropped in December.

The GTA Trilogy was added to Netflix on 14th December a week after the GTA 6 trailer launch.

It includes enhanced versions of three iconic games: GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, originally released between 2001-2004.

This package of remastered classics from the PS2 era seems to have appealed to nostalgic fans eager to revisit the roots of the series while awaiting the next big chapter.

The seamless performance of the trilogy on mobile devices like the iPhone 13 Pro Max also contributed to its popularity.

The timeless open-world gameplay remains engaging even decades later.

Why the Renewed Craze for Old GTA Games?

The GTA 6 trailer has created a “halo effect” across the franchise, driving interest in all things GTA, according to Zelnick.

Sales of 2013’s GTA V also exceeded expectations recently and are now close to becoming the second game in history to reach the 200 million sales mark.

With GTA 6 not expected until 2025, fans are looking to classic entries to get their GTA fix.

The GTA 6 trailer itself illustrates this point.

It set a YouTube record for most views for a non-music video, topping 170 million+ views rapidly.

What’s Next for GTA on Netflix?

Given the performance of the GTA Trilogy, Zelnick hinted at expanding the GTA lineup on Netflix Games.

The platform launched in 2021 as a way for Netflix to offer gaming content alongside its video content.

Currently, there are 80+ games in Netflix’s Games catalog and 60+ originals are in making.

While no concrete announcements have been made, there are several possibilities:

  • Earlier 2D Universe games – Fans would love to relive top-down classics like GTA 1-2 on the go.
  • GTA IV – The first HD-era GTA entry remains a fan favorite for its gritty story.
  • GTA V/Online – Arguably the most successful GTA game still has an active online community.
  • GTA 6 – Once released, it would be a huge exclusive for Netflix Games.

The Future Looks Bright for GTA

With the GTA series as hot as ever, Netflix would be wise to capitalize on the franchise’s enduring popularity.

No matter which games end up on the service, it’s clear that fans can’t get enough chaotic open-world action.

For Take Two, the Netflix partnership provides another lucrative revenue stream while building hype for GTA 6.

As Zelnick said, “All things GTA, you know, lead to more excitement.” And more profits too.

Take Two’s fiscal projections, forecasting $7 billion in revenue for 2025, reveal confidence in their upcoming slate of new releases.

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