Is GTA Online Latest Update Just Tease the GTA 6’s Mission Design and Gameplay?

gta online cluckin-bell-farm-raid

The recent “Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid” update for Grand Theft Auto Online has sparked speculation among fans about potential gameplay mechanics in the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI).

The Raid Mission: A Taste of Things to Come?

The update introduces a new mission, ‘Disorganized Crime,’ where players’ actions dictate their approach to the finale.

The mission offers a branching narrative based on your choices.

If you eliminate witnesses, remove CCTV footage, and sabotage trucks silently, you’ll approach the raid stealthily.

However, if you take a more aggressive approach, you’ll face a more intense confrontation during the finale.

Branching Missions: A Nod to GTA VI?

This mechanic has led fans to speculate that GTA VI might incorporate branching mission structures, similar to some missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2).

As one Reddit user aptly put it,

“We might end up having more freedom in how we do the missions, and the possibilities might end up becoming endless.”

Fellow gamers have echoed this sentiment, with one Redditor agreeing,

“Agreed. I think we’re seeing a lot of GTA VI with these past few updates. Gameplay and obviously the car exteriors/customisation.”

Another user chimed in,

“Yes. A lot of the Cluckin’ Bell raid felt like it was a taste of what’s to come with GTA VI. The freedoms within setups, driving the train, and any new mechanics are suspect. Let alone the coveted police gauntlet seems to be backported.”

The Cluckin’ Bell Raid has a feature that we might see in GTA 6
byu/Notice360 inGTA6

More Teases on the Horizon?

This update isn’t the only potential tease for GTA VI that fans have spotted.

Some are convinced that a hint for the upcoming second trailer has been discovered, though the validity of this claim remains uncertain.

There’s no denying that Rockstar Games has always teased gameplay and characters of their upcoming games and this may be a hint that the gaming community picked up on.

Let’s wait and see what Rockstar has in store for us and what new hints we’ll get from them.


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