Is a New All-Digital More Affordable Xbox Series X Coming This Summer?


Microsoft is reportedly preparing to launch a digital-only version of its flagship Xbox Series X console this year, according to noted gaming industry leaker eXtas1s (reported by Eurogamer).

What Do We Know About This New Console?

As per the leaks, this new Xbox SKU will lack an optical disc drive like the Xbox Series S, but maintain the power and performance of the Series X.

Other upgrades include:

  • Improved cooling and heatsink design
  • Enhanced network card for faster downloads and streaming
  • Sleek white colorway inverse to the black Series X
  • An upgraded Nexus graphics card

Aside from those changes, the hardware will allegedly remain the same as the standard Xbox Series X.

Earlier rumors of a radically different cylindrical design with a front USB-C port seem to be incorrect.

Why Would Microsoft Release This Console?

An all-digital Xbox Series X caters to gamers going disc-less.

Microsoft already offers the affordable Series S for digital gaming, but this new SKU gives budget-conscious gamers a way to enjoy top-tier power without paying for unneeded disc hardware.

As Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently stated in a Business update, “A majority of our customers are buying games digitally.”

A digital-only Series X is a smart way to align hardware offerings with modern consumer preferences.

It also boosts Microsoft’s ecosystem of digital services like Game Pass.

Release Date and Availability

If accurate, we can expect to see the console hit stores “between June and July 2024.

Supply chain kinks could push the launch back a bit, but summer 2024 looks promising.

Of course, Microsoft has yet to even announce the digital Series X, so the timeline remains speculative for now.

But between this rumor and Microsoft teasing more Xbox hardware plans this year, fans have plenty to anticipate in the coming months!

The new all-digital Xbox Series X will probably cost you $50-100 less than the current model, which retails for $499.99.

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