Hi-Fi Rush Not Coming to the Nintendo Switch But to its Successor

hifirush switch 2

After weeks of rumors, Xbox finally announced four exclusive titles that are going to PS5 and Nintendo Switch and one of them is HI-FI RUSH.

HI-FI RUSH will be available on March 18 for PS5 only.

But rumors quickly started swirling that the game might be coming to Switch too.

However, new information suggests the game may actually skip the original Switch entirely and release on its rumored successor instead.

What Do the Rumors Say?

According to a report by Insider Gaming, Hi-Fi Rush is being considered for the “Nintendo Switch 2” rather than the current model Switch.

This aligns with previous concerns about whether its gameplay would function properly to the Switch’s hardware capabilities compared to more powerful systems like the Xbox Series X/S.

Targeting the rumored Switch 2, which is expected to be a technical upgrade over the original, would resolve those issues.

A Hint Found in the Code?

Adding credence to the rumor is a recent datamine of Hi-Fi Rush that apparently uncovered code referring to “platform-exclusive t-shirts.”

This suggests alternate versions of Hi-Fi Rush are already in development for other systems beyond Xbox.

And we now know officially that a PS5 release is happening.

While a little hint about Switch is also there, the datamined info suggests console-exclusive content is planned.

For now, Hi-Fi Rush remains a PC and Xbox exclusive.

This week, Microsoft confirmed two Xbox games coming to Switch – Grounded in April and Pentiment, which is already available.

While a Hi-Fi Rush port has not been confirmed, the leaks point to strong potential down the road.

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