Gamma, the New PS1 Retro Game Emulator Hits the Apple’s App Store

gamma emulator

Gamma, a new emulator that recently hit the App Store, has quickly become a fan favorite among retro gaming enthusiasts.

Developed by ZodTTD, the renowned creator of jailbreak tweaks and emulators, Gamma allows you to play classic PlayStation 1 games directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Within just a few days of its release, Gamma has already secured a spot among the top 10 apps (#4 now) in the Entertainment category, showcasing its popularity and the enduring allure of classic gaming experiences.

How Does It Work?

While Gamma is designed to emulate PlayStation 1 games, you still need to obtain/download the ROM file of that perticular game independently.

However, the app streamlines the process by automatically retrieving the artwork for any games that you added.

One unique aspect of Gamma is that it doesn’t require BIOS files to run ROMs, although some users may need to add the BIO folder depending on the files they use.

Key Features:

  • Save/Load Game State: Never lose progress with save/load functionality
  • Cloud Sync: Sync your game saves across devices
  • Controller Support: Use MFi controllers for an authentic experience
  • Customizable on-screen controller skin
  • Bluetooth controllers and keyboards


While Gamma’s app store listing claims support for Bluetooth controllers and keyboards, independent testing has revealed that the app crashes when attempting to pair and launch games with external controllers on iPhones.

Some users have reported issues with certain game ROMs not launching, while others are experiencing problems with game ROMs not running smoothly.

The developers have also stated some minor audio glitches on certain titles.

Furthermore, Gamma’s App Store page discloses that it collects data identifiers that could potentially track user activity.

Although the app didn’t request location access during testing, it did request permission to track activity across other companies’ apps and websites.

The developer has acknowledged these issues and promised to resolve them in the upcoming updates.

Why Do Emulators Keep Flocking to the App Store?

Gamma is not the first retro game emulator to appear on the App Store.

Ever since Apple relaxed policies that allow retro emulators on App Store Riley Testut’s widely popular Nintendo emulators, Delta and Bimmy, graced the platform.

However, one of them, Bimmy was swiftly removed by the developer due to fears of legal action from Nintendo (as they are notorious for such measures read Yuzu’s case for more).

Gamma’s success on the App Store highlights the growing demand for retro gaming experiences on modern devices.

If you’re a fan of PS1 classics such as Street Fighter, Neversoft’s Spider-Man, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Silent Hill, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Tomb Raider, or WipEout 2097, owning the ROMs is all you need to start playing.

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