Woman Busted for Smuggling 350 Nintendo Switch Games in Her Bra at Chinese Airport

woman is frightened as the three police officers following her

When it comes to smuggling contraband, people have tried some bizarre methods over the years.

However, one woman in China took things to a whole new level when she attempted to smuggle a whopping 350 Nintendo Switch game cartridges from Hong Kong to China by stuffing them into her bra.

This peculiar incident left officials at the Liantang Port scratching their heads in disbelief.

How Did She Get Caught?

According to local news HK1, customs officers at Liantang Port were conducting a routine inspection of travelers.

Known as one of the most economical routes between Hong Kong and mainland China, the port is perpetually busy.

Everything was going smoothly until a particular traveler caught the attention of vigilant customs officials for all the wrong reasons.

They got suspicious of the woman’s weird behavior (perhaps frightened by the sudden appearance of customs officers) and how her breasts seemed to be different (uneven) sizes.

Upon further investigation in a private area, the officials discovered the stash of Switch cartridges cleverly hidden within her bra.

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(Image: Yahoo from Hk1)
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(Image: Yahoo from Hk1)

How Valuable Was the Contraband?

The total estimated value of this “confidential cargo” is estimated to be 70,000 yuan, which translates to roughly $9,660 USD.

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(Image: Yahoo from Hk1)

What Is Law Says?

Like many countries, China also enforces similar customs laws to tackle smuggling.

Article 7 of China’s “Regulations on Implementing Customs Administrative Penalty” law defines “What act to be considered as smuggling?” and “What are the prohibitive or restrictive entries?” such as:

  • Without the approval of the department,
  • By concealment, disguise, incomplete or fraudulent declaration.

Article 9 of the same acts specifies the penalty for smuggling which includes:

  1. For Prohibited Goods – a fine of not more than 1,000,000 yuan,
  2. For Restricted Goods – Goods confiscated + fine not exceeding the value of the smuggled goods,
  3. Invading Duties – Goods confiscated + fine of not more than three times the amount of duties payable but evaded.

Will She Face Jail Time?

As you can see, Chinese law does include specific provisions for penalizing the smuggling of goods, which can include fines and the confiscation of illegal gains.

In cases where the importation or exportation of goods is prohibited by the state, penalties can be quite severe.

But the Switch cartridges are neither considered “Restricted Goods” items nor “Prohibited Goods” by Chinese authorities, hence our enterprising smuggler might dodge jail time.

Instead, she may face a fine amounting to three times the duties payable that were evaded.

Still, that’s potentially a hefty price tag for her innovation in lingerie logistics.

Source: Yahoo, HK1, Kotaku

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